Remembering Margo Locaputo

Director of X-Travaganza Margo Locaputo passed just three days after her 70th birthday in 2009 and four days after the successful X-Travaganza: An African X-Pedition.

“Margo was a sister to many of us, a mother to all of us,” said St. X past President Fr. Walter C. Deye S.J. ’66. “This was a woman who so much loved her family and St. Xavier High School. How marvelously she touched thousands over the years advancing the education of young men in many ways, especially through her guiding us all to and through yearly X-Travaganzas."

Margo and her late husband John are survived by, children Drew '91 (Heather) and Beth (Jeff Bradshaw) Locaputo as well as grandchildren Ella and Molly Locaputo and Lauren and Colin Bradshaw.

Margo and John Locaputo served as X-Travangnza co-chairs in 1991 and 1992. She joined the St. X Development office as full-time director of X-Travaganza in January of 1994. Over those 15 years, the annual dinner auction raised nearly $7 million for the school, including more than $2 million in her last three years alone.

“You can put a number on the money X-Trav has raised for the school, and it’s an impressive number,” said Ralph Nardini ’77, former vice president for development. “What you can’t put a number on is how many people Margo touched, how many people she brought together as lifelong friends, how she made X-Trav all about community, about the St. X family."

Margo was known for her affection, frequently using and answering to the nickname “dear” with bosom friends and strangers alike.

“She got into your heart and stayed there,” said Tina Hawking, who chaired X-Travaganza 2009 with her husband, Andy. “She knew everybody and knew how to make them feel good about being involved. I told her that last Saturday night I loved her and she told me she loved me; I’m grateful for that.”