Gift Gathering Parties

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X-Travaganza Gift Gathering Parties: A Wonderful Mix Of Fun And Purpose

A gift gathering party is a party hosted by current parents of students of St. X, usually in their homes. More than 15 parties are held in different parts of the city each year.     The   purpose   of   the   party   is   to   collect   items   for   auction   at  X-Travaganza. As a party attendee, you are asked to bring a gift of your choice to the party. Gift gathering parties are crucial for the success of the X-Travaganza event; we seek   more than   1,500   gift   donations   to make   the   X-Travaganza auctions a success!

How do you determine the area of town that I am invited to?
In each quadrant of the city, many parties take place. The party that is closest to the area where you live generally determines which of those parties is likely to be most convenient for you in terms of travel time and social acquaintances.

I have been invited to more than one party...
It is probable that you will receive invitations to more than one party, as parties are planned not only for districts, but also for sports teams and extracurricular activities of which your son might be a member. You are welcome to bring gifts to each party, but you should not feel obligated to do so.

What type of items do people donate?

Gift certificates for services or to area restaurants, tickets to sporting events, use of vacation homes, jewelry and St. X-themed items are all very popular. Your invitation to one of these parties will include a more extensive list of the type of gifts that do well in the auctions each year, often bringing in far more than the stated value! Click here to donate, view Amazon Wish List and X-Travaganza Wish List.

When are gift gathering parties held?
Parties begin in August and conclude in January. The parties can range from morning Mass celebrations to evening cocktail parties and are usually held on the weekends.  Click here for the gift gathering party schedule.

Still have questions?

Contact Julie Goshorn, X-Travaganza Director at or 513.618.3232 for more information.