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Create Permanent Support of a St. Xavier Student or Program With A Named Endowment.

There are a variety of Named Endowment Fund opportunities for the benefit of St. Xavier High School. Within the endowment, a majority of St. Xavier High School’s funds are designated for the tuition assistance needs of our students but there are also many individual funds that have been established by generous benefactors to support a variety of St. Xavier High School programs in perpetuity. The St. Xavier Endowment Program also has other types of endowed funds for specific academic and co-curricular programs as well as for mission trips, faculty, and staff development and more.

There are currently more than 325 endowed funds at St. Xavier High School with a current value of approximately $110,000,000. These funds are the foundation of the more than $6.9 million given out in tuition assistance this year. This year more than 58% of the St. Xavier student body is receiving tuition assistance.

Unless otherwise agreed upon by the donor and the high school, the school's treasurer places the funds in a commingled pool of funds, which is administered according to the current investment policies of the high school. These funds are invested in a variety of instruments - stocks, bonds, etc. - to generate income. Only the income generated by the endowment fund’s principal is disbursed. The rate of return may vary depending upon prevailing conditions affecting the investments. St. Xavier High School decides yearly on a percentage of draw from the income generated by the pooled funds. Income earned above the draw is reinvested to grow the fund through capital appreciation. Although named funds' assets are commingled in one investment fund, the school makes every attempt to maintain accurate records of the value of each individual named fund.  

The minimum level to establish a named endowment fund is presently $50,000, which can be achieved through a one-time gift or through several gifts during a mutually agreeable period of time. At present, the investment to fully endow a named fund for tuition assistance is $350,000 (the amount of principal required to fund full tuition for one student for one year) but that number may change as tuition increases. The donor may at any time - and is encouraged to do so - increase the principal of an endowed fund by making additional gifts to the fund.

If you are interested in establishing a Named Fund that will support St. Xavier High School in perpetuity, contact one of the  St. Xavier High School gift officers.

Kathryn Dierckes

Affinity Programs Giving Officer

Edmund Franchi

Major and Planned Gifts Officer

Ralph Nardini

Class of 1977
Director of Advancement Operations, Gift Officer

Jennifer Reilly

Major Gift Officer

Anthony Schad

Class of 1981
Vice President for Advancement

John Schrantz

Class of 1996
Major and Planned Gift Officer

Steve Specht

Class of 1986
Director of Program Endowments, Gift Officer, Head Coach Varsity Football