Student Phonathon

The Annual Fund Student Phonathon is an integral part of our fund raising effort. Each fall and spring the Annual Fund office, along with that year's senior coordinators, ask the current students of St. Xavier for their help. Students volunteer their time to call alumni and ask for their pledge to the Annual Fund.

Our student phonathon has had great success and our alumni enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with our current students.

As we continue to grow the Annual Fund, our phonathon continues to be an increased focus of our fund raising efforts. We could not provide the education that we do without the Annual Fund. Students who volunteer their time and the alumni who invest their treasures help make St. Xavier the special place that it has always been.

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors can volunteer for the phonathon by stopping by to see us in the Development Office. There are also volunteer opportunities for alumni. For more information about the Student Phonathon please contact Eric Gammarino at 513.761.7815 ext. 155 or

21-22 Phonathon Chairmen

Not pictured: Brody Koch, Ryan King and Louie Semona

Phonathon 2021-2022 Senior Student Development Chairmen

Another successful fall Phonathon concluded on Thursday, November 11! Special thanks to the senior chairmen below for helping Mr. Gammarino ’09 lead the multi-day fundraising event in addition to all those members of the Long Blue Line that were contacted by students! Go BOMBERS!

  1. Bennett Albanese ’22
  2. Owen Albanese ’22
  3. Harry Albach ’22
  4. Andrew Andsager '22
  5. Andy Beluan '22 
  6. PJ Bower '22 
  7. Pete Brunsman '22 
  8. Liam DeGroft '22 
  9. Seth Engelhardt '22
  10. Anthony France '22
  11. Cole Kendall '22
  12. Ryan King '22
  13. Brody Koch '22 
  14. Alex Lefker '22
  15. Grant Lyons '22 
  16. Mwenda Mbui '22
  17. Ethan McCoy '22 
  18. Jack Metzger '22
  19. Gio Minghetti '22
  20. Carson Moore '22 
  21. Brian Parker '22
  22. Joe Piehowicz '22 
  23. Sean Reilly '22
  24. Zach Rengers '22 
  25. Mason Rohmiller '22
  26. Jimmy Ryan '22
  27. Louie Semona '22
  28. John Sikora '22
  29. Will Taul '22
  30. Nick Uhl '22 
  31. Luke Vrsansky '22
  32. Drew Williams '22
  33. Jason Zhao '22