Social Clubs

AMDG Club: AMDG Club is a group of young men striving to live ad majorem Dei gloriam, for the greater glory of God. We meet on Thursdays during flex in room 3530, as well as the first Friday of the month for Eucharistic Adoration in the chapel. Weekly meetings include time for getting to know other guys who want to live for Christ (or just have questions), and some type of prayer such as Bible meditation, rosary, intercessory prayer, etc. Bring your lunch, and Ms. Brown will bring a baked dessert to share. 

Contact: Ms. Julia Brown 

Aquaponics Club:  Aquaponics is a combining of aquaculture (the raising of fish for food consumption) and hydroponics (the growing of vegetables in water instead of soil).  Aquaponics capitalizes on the benefits of these two food production techniques.  The St. X Aquaponics Club maintains a 40 gallon fish tank of tilapia and uses the tilapias’ waste products to grow a variety of herbs and vegetables.  The club meets every Thursday and spends its time taking care of the fish, planting, harvesting, and eating our produce. Contact: Mr. Steve LaVelle

Computer Science Club: Technology is a major driver in lives today, and the CS club helps to prepare students for these future opportunites.  The chapter participates with dozens of local schools at regional events like TechOlympics (2016 Champs!), career camps, guest speakers, and even paid internships.  Contact: Mr. Ed Nardini

Culinary Club: Do you want to learn the difference between a tsp and a tbsp?  Broil and bake?  Simmer and boil?  Or do you just enjoy eating?  Then Culinary Club is for you.  We hold monthly meetings that have a theme and everybody prepares a dish, helps with the logistics, or brings the paper supplies.  There is something for everyone who appreciates GREAT FOOD and FRIENDSHIP!  Contact: Mrs. Peggy Schmucker 

Entrepreneurship Club: Through a regular schedule of interesting speakers, field trips and other experiences, Entrepreneurship Club members learn about business and leadership from successful members of the St. X family. These mentors share their stories and knowledge with the club and serve as resources for the students.  Check out the webpage for the Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for more information.
Contact: Mr. Tim McDonald

Environmental Action Club: EAC is all about students taking action to make St. Xavier a more sustainable community.  Current initiatives involve working to bring beekeeping, composting, and solar panels to St. X, as well as making improvements to the St. X Nature Trail.  We hold bi-weekly meetings on Mondays during FLEX and sponsor additional field trips and guest speakers.  Check out the EAC Summer Bucket List  Contact: Mrs. Van Sant

Euchre Club: Euchre Club is a card-playing club open to all students regardless of ability. Pizza and soft drinks are available to purchase and can be eaten while playing. We meet most Thursdays during Flex throughout the school year.
Contact: Mrs. Jenny Elmlinger

Fishing Club: Fishing Club meets once a week in the spring and fall, and monthly during the winter. Members participate in several off-campus fishing outings in local rivers and lakes, and strive to be responsible anglers interested in the conservation of our water resources.  Contact: Mr. Steve Bleh

Godzilla Club: Godzilla Club meets weekly during lunch to watch classic Godzilla movies on VHS made by Toho Studios. Students share their knowledge and opinions of kaiju and tokusatsu films during the viewings.  Contact: Mr. Isaac Watras

IFTJ/Advocacy Club:  The IFTJ/Advocacy Club join together to research and discuss various social concerns and their impacts on the national and local level.  We hear from local leaders on immigration, climate policy, and racial equity and try to understand how these issues impact other members of our community.  In the late fall, students attend the annual Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice in Washington DC, a conference that brings together high school and university students from across the nation to explore these issues on a broader basis and empower young people to use their voices to advocate for policy changes to address their concerns.  Following the Teach-in, students will participate in meetings with federal, state, and local elected officials to advocate for policies that better support vulnerable populations as well as our environment.  The IFTJ/Advocacy group team up with a group of students from St. Ursula Academy at the teach-in and in their advocacy work in the spring. Contact: Mrs. Collins

Lego Club: Lego Club meets weekly to build creations based on a weekly challenge.  Some recent challenges have been best movie ending, best micro-build, and best aspect of St X.  Winners are picked weekly and receive glorious prizes.  All are welcome to share their creativity skills.  Contact: Mrs. Donovan   

Marine Biology Club: Join us anytime for any or all activities--we are open to all grades. We learn how to be better stewards of our oceans by hosting guest speakers, taking field trips (our last one was to the Atlanta aquarium where we swam in their 6.3 million gallon tank with whale sharks!), taking discover scuba classes, and caring for our 180-gallon coral reef ecosystem tank. Contact: Mrs. Heather Nardini

Minecraft Club: Minecraft club meets weekly to play Minecraft in- person on our own school-based server.  We have various game play options including Survival, Anarchy, and Bed Wars.  Students also have access to the server at Flex and at home so they can connect during their free time.  Minecraft Club is a fun and social way to meet new people.
Contact: Mrs. Donovan 

Sources of Strength:  Sources of Strength is a strength-based, comprehensive wellness program that focuses on suicide prevention but impacts other issues such as substance abuse and violence. The program is based on a relational connections model that uses teams of Peer Leaders mentored by Adult Advisors to change peer social norms about help seeking and encourages students to individually assess and develop strengths in their life. Sources of Strength promotes and focuses on connectivity, school bonding, peer-adult partnerships, and help seeking behaviors.  Please reach out to Mrs. Erin Kohne for more information about joining Sources of Strength.

Star Wars Club: The Star Wars Club is dedicated to building comradery across the school community. It is open to those with a deep love for Star Wars and those who are interested in building a love for it. May the Force Be With You.
Contact: Mr. Mike Daley

Student Managed Investment Fund: The St. Xavier Student Managed Investment Fund club provides students the opportunity to manage money professionally while still in school through analyzing and monitoring securities, submitting reports, and making security trades. The club is organized by an adult advisory committee, student investment committee (comprised of seniors and juniors), and student analysts. The Student Managed Investment Fund provides a unique opportunity for St. Xavier students focused on, or interested in, entering the investment management field to apply equity research and portfolio management skills in a real-world environment. The club meets weekly on Thursdays.  Contact: John Schrantz

Super Hero Film Club: Super Hero Film Club is a group of students who gather together to watch and discuss films about heroes and heroines who use their special skills or powers to help others. All are welcome to join this club, which meets Fridays in room 3180 during flex (bring your lunch).  Contact: Ms. Lora Pateras

Super Smash Bros. Club: Test your skills with the SSBC. All are welcomed and encouraged to attend for open and tournament play. We will have Melee, Project M, and Wii U so there should be something for everyone.
Contact: Mr. Kris Holmes

X-Peditions: X-Peditions is the St. Xavier High School Role-Playing Game Club that meets every Friday after school. The Club runs many simultaneous campaigns in a variety of role-playing game systems.  Contact: Mr. John D’Alessandro

Xplore Healthcare Club: Students learn the pros and cons of serving others through a profession in healthcare.

Contacts: Mrs. Aleth Rhoades and Dr. Gail Chang

Young Conservatives Club: The Young Conservatives Club meets weekly to discuss, debate, and hear presentations on current events from a conservative perspective. Contact: Mr. Henry Ahrens 

Young Progressives’ Club: Young Progressives' Club meets weekly to provide a forum for students interested in progressive and liberal politics to share ideas and opinions on current events. Throughout the year, we participate in debates, watch movies, and other activities.  Contact: Mrs. Regina Chambers

Zoology Club:  Do you have a passion for animals?  The St. X Zoology Club is for you!  In this new club, students have the opportunity to learn about and take care of animals such as snakes, lizards, and turtles, go on field trips, and possibly foster one of the St. X animals over the summer.  Come share your passion and knowledge with other like-minded students.  Contact: Mr. Steve LaVelle