Service Clubs

After School Service: Students volunteer by tutoring, playing with kids and building relationships working alongside others. St. X students help kids with their homework, work in soup kitchens, provide childcare at shelters, work with kids with special needs and much more.
ContactMr. JK Klaiber 

Big Brothers: Big Brothers is a mentoring program for juniors and seniors. It meets about every other weekend for group outings. As a big brother, you pair up for the year with a little brother age 8-12 who is in need of a strong male role model. 
Contact: Mr. John Ravenna

Canned Food Drive: CFD is a huge all-school effort in which we collect thousands of pounds of food for those in need. Nearly everyone participates in some way. You will be involved through Homeroom.
Contact: Mr. JK Klaiber 

LADD: On Saturday mornings, LADD Club plays basketball with adults with disabilities at Xavier University or at the LADD (Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled) office nearby.
Contact: Mr. JK Klaiber

Mission Club: These students help out with the Mission Collection on Wednesdays. They also help spread the word about the Mission projects each week. Meets mostly on Wednesdays.
Contact: Mr. JK Klaiber

Mission Trips: Open to juniors, these incredibly formative experiences offer an opportunity to be with those in need in an intimate manner. They occur in the summer between junior and senior year.
Contact: Mr. JK Klaiber

Peer Tutoring: Peer tutoring is a great way to be of service to others right here in your St. X community. Tutors are paired with students who need help in a specific class and typically meet once a week during common free time. If interested in learning more or signing up to be a tutor, visit Mrs. Malik in the Learning Center, located behind the spirit shop.

Saturday Service: Students work on Saturdays once a month with various social service agencies in our city who are helping improve the lives of the poor or with environmental organizations who help restore and maintain degraded land and encourage organic and sustainable farming.
Contact: Mr. JK Klaiber