Recreational Clubs

Chess Club: Chess Club gives chess players a chance to solve puzzles, learn strategies, and play for recreation and in interscholastic competition. We meet Wednesday during Flex.
Contact: Mr. Andrew Felczan

Culinary Club: Do you want to learn the difference between tsp and TBLS? Broil and bake? Simmer and boil? Or do you just enjoy eating? Then the Culinary Club is for you. We hold monthly meetings that have a theme and everybody either prepares a dish, helps with the logistics or brings the paper supplies. There is something for everyone who appreciates GREAT FOOD and FRIENDSHIP!
Contact: Mrs. Peggy Schmucker (

Entrepreneurship Club: Through a regular schedule of interesting speakers, field trips and other experiences, Entrepreneurship Club members learn about business and leadership from successful members of the St. X family. These mentors share their stories and knowledge with the club and serve as resources for the students.
Contact: Mr. Ed Franchi (

Maker Club: The goal of the maker club is to empower students to become confident creators and tinkerers who can design and collaborate on projects. Members explore everything from building with cardboard to making a working circuit through student-driven and developmentally appropriate projects. Members use science, technology, engineering, arts, and math as core areas. Members create and search for materials and tools designed to engage students in exploring those areas. Members will be engaged in competitions, fairs and various other projects.
Contact: Mr. Kenny Mumfrey (

XCHANGE: XChange is St. Xavier's Community Helping and Advocating for Next Generations Ecosystem. We are focused on creating a healthier planet through recycling, responsible water usage, and education on other environmental-friendly practices.
Contact: Dr. Jamie Laughlin (