Culture, World Language, & Diversity Clubs

Chinese Club: Chinese Cub is open to all, there are no language requirements. The Club celebrates traditional Chinese festivals, discusses Asian culture, and tries different foods and tea. We also have guests come in to teach martial arts and share their experiences about living in Asia. Chinese Club meets once to twice a month.
Contact: Ms. Wei Yuan

Fair Trade Club: This club first looks at the issue of modern human slavery. Students in the Fair Trade Club help with a big Halloween candy sale and an Easter candy sale. This is a great club for those who are interested in issues of justice and economics.
Contact: Mr. Matt Kemper

French Club: French Club meets on a regular basis to share French language, culture and foods. French Club Officers determine our various activities throughout the year which have included lunches out at a French Restaurant, designing and purchasing Club T-shirts and sharing celebrations with French Clubs from other schools.
Contact: Ms. Rachel Kohler

German Club: The German Club explores German culture, history and (most importantly) GERMAN FOOD. In addition, the German Club explores Cincinnati’s rich German heritage by going on field trips, inviting guest speakers and more.
ContactMs. Julia Brown

Hands Across Campus: HAC is a student-centered co-curricular activity that focuses on developing the awareness and social skills students need to acquire to become a leader in the 21st Century. Through interactive meetings, open discussions, field trip type activities, and partnering with St. Ursula and Ursuline Academies, students acquire understanding and respect for their own and other cultures.
Contact: Mrs. Jaleria Burt

Latin Club: The St. Xavier Latin Club aims to promote enthusiasm for the language, history, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. Students also participate throughout the year in local competitions and events designed to foster deeper appreciation for the Classics.
Contact: Ms. Nora Denning

Spanish Club: ¡Hola amigos! The Spanish Club meets each week to practice Spanish in a fun social setting. Everyone is welcome.
Contact: Mr. Greg Lamping

St. X United: St. X United is an inclusive club for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder who work with neurotypical peers to learn how to socially access the St. X Community with success. 

Contact: Mrs. Verna Donovan

X-cceptance Club: The purpose of X-cceptance club is to provide community, education, and support for its members and the wider school community to discuss gender and identity inside the Catholic, Jesuit teaching to be men and women for and with others. X-cceptance helps all students in our diverse community feel respected and valued to participate fully in campus activities.

Contact: Mr. Jason Ahlers