Competitive Clubs

E-Sports Club: This club focuses on video games where you compete against other individuals or teams such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, Smite, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Starcraft 2 (among others). The club meets after school, contact Mr. Reed if you are interested in joining. Observers are always welcome as well!                        Contact: Mr. Daniel Reed

Ethics Club: Students will navigate real-life ethical problems and grapple with the relevant aspects of these scenarios/topics, enriching their understanding of these issues through constructive discussion.  Absolutely no prior knowledge of ethics is required - all students are welcome.  Contact: Mr. Getgey

Maker Club: The goal of the maker club is to empower students to become confident creators and tinkerers who can design and collaborate on projects. Members explore everything from building with cardboard to making a working circuit through student-driven and developmentally appropriate projects. Members use science, technology, engineering, arts, and math as core areas. Members create and search for materials and tools designed to engage students in exploring those areas. Members will be engaged in competitions, fairs and various other projects.
Contact: Mr. Kevin Brady

Mock Trial: Mock Trial is guided by practicing legal coaches who help students sharpen their public speaking skills, learn to think and react quickly and see arguments from multiple viewpoints. Practices begin in late fall with competitions in January.
Contact: Mr. JK Klaiber

Model United Nations: Model UN attends conferences at colleges and high schools to simulate the United Nations. Students work with the club to research the position of a nation, and then defend that position among students from other schools.
Contact: Mr. Brian Gilronan

Science Olympiad: Science Olympiad is a nationally renowned organization where schools put together a team of students who compete in 23 different STEM events. The team competes at invitationals throughout Ohio and the Midwest. Regional and state tournaments are held at Xavier University and Ohio State University.
Contact: Dr. Jamie Laughlin

Robot-X: Robot-X is a competitive robotics team that participates in the FIRST FTC competitions as well as work on other projects involving design, manufacture, and programming of innovative devices. We usually meet once per week during a flex time and once per week after school. There are also sub-team meetings.
Contact: Mr. John D’Alessandro