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Do you swim, bike or run?  Consider becoming a TriBomber!!!  St. Xavier is home to the 2019 USAT Independent High School National Champions, the 2019 Midwest Regional High School Champions, and the Ohio State High School Champions for the past three years!

Students train individually and as a team beginning in January with certified coaches and volunteers to compete in triathlon and multi-sport races in the late spring, summer and early fall. Students are welcome to join regardless of participation in other sports or activities. There are no required time commitments, attendance, try-outs, or costs. All are welcome.

Interested?  Please review the attached information sheet and complete the two participation waivers.  If you would like to participate, please download, sign and email the two waivers back to

Any students, parents, alumni, or those in the triathlon community looking to get involved please contact and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter (@StXTriathlon.)

GO TriBombers!!!


St. Xavier Triathlon Club Information


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With the Cincinnati climate, local triathlon races are held May – October. Thus, triathlon is essentially a “Summer Sport.” However, our focus races each year are the 1) USA Triathlon (USAT) High School National Championship in April  (Fri, April 3rd in Tempe, AZ) & 2) the Ohio HS State Championship (July 19th in Columbus.) The St. X Triathlon Committee (the Committee) will provide training plans and coaching for the “season” running from January thru July.


Triathlon is an individual sport and everyone is welcome to join the team in any capacity they wish to train for any race (tri, du, aquabike, aquathon) or distance (Super Sprint, Sprint, Olympic, 70.3, IM) they choose. There are no practice requirements. There are no race requirements. There are no roster “cuts.” Students participating in other school sports or activities concurrent with our season are still welcome. Training plans are provided 7 days a week. We aim to train as a team for coaching and camaraderie as often as possible, but self-training is necessary too.


USAT defines eligibility for high school racing as the summer after 8th grade graduation until “thru September” after graduation Senior year. Including the summer after graduation… 6th-7th-8th grade boys & girls may join the club roster and participate “alongside” the team, but not on school property. 

Junior TriBombers

6th, 7th, & 8th grade boys & girls are welcome to join the club to train “alongside” the team. Contact us for details.

Roster Requirements

1)     USAT Annual Membership = $10

2)     USAT Club Insurance Waiver

3)     St. X Student Activities Waiver

4)     RoadID (with emergency contact info. To be worn during training.)

Contact Info

Students and parents are asked to provide the Committee with emails, address, phone, etc. and will be added to the team communications when roster requirements are met.


Triathlon is an “equipment-heavy” sport. The Committee will provide extensive assistance & education in procuring used/donated equipment as well as guidance on new equipment purchases.  See the Gear Guide (separate document) for more info.


The USAT-standard distance for high school athletes is the “Sprint Distance” (Swim 750m, Bike 12.4 miles, Run 3.1 miles.) Some local races offer even shorter “super-sprint” distances. Race registration fees are paid by the students for events they choose to race. Any travel costs too. No races are mandatory, but we aim to have strong participation at the USAT National & State High School Championships because these races have an overall team scoring component and awards.


The Committee aims to provide as many tri accessories as possible, dependent on funding. As an example, in 2019 we provided: swim caps, race belts, lock laces, aero helmets, team spirit shirts, personalized transition backpacks, caps/visors, water bottles, decals, wetsuits, heart rate monitors, and lots of free bike maintenance.

Students can purchase individual/personalized team race-day apparel (“trisuits”) each spring. The team owns a couple extras which can also be borrowed on race days.

Bike Training & Triathlon Studio

Our cycling/training studio is located at the north of the stage in the Berning Gym. Students train and store their bikes and trainers in the studio during the school year. Bike training is scheduled on weekdays so the students do not have to transport their bikes back & forth to home, unless they want to.


During the week, run training is on the track or around the school.


Swim training is scheduled weekly after school at Univ of Cincinnati pool. On some occasions, we swim at the St. X pool and practice open water swimming at local lakes (in warm water)


There are no costs to join the club at this time. Donations of time, equipment, & (of course) tax-deductible money to support the team are always welcome.


St. X Waiver

USAT Club Integro Waiver