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The Jesuit High School in Cincinnati

The Fr. Patrick Francis Healy Society

Watch the award winning video "X-Changes: 50 Years of Racial Diversity" documentary celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first African American students entering St. Xavier High School.

Read information regarding Fr. Patrick Francis Healy from the African American Heritage Trail Database.

Objective: To bring a sense of cohesiveness to the St. Xavier Multicultural alums and help make the current environment more positive for the students.

Mission: To assist young men across cultures in their formation as a leaders and “ Men for and with others," through active modeling and mentoring in the St. Xavier community.

We expect-our members to engage in an ongoing effort to connect with our students through activities or other communal involvement.

We believe-that if our presence is felt we can make a visible difference in the lives of our students.

We will assist-in developing an even more positive atmosphere concerning diversity issues at St. Xavier High School.

We will endeavor-to develop and meet the needs of our ever changing environment as it relates to our minority students at St. Xavier High School.

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