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nvanzile - Posted Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 9:00:05 AM

Varsity Bowling Places 3rd Place at OHSAA Div. I Sectional Tournament

The Bowling Bombers returned to Colerain Bowl on Wednesday for the Southwest Sectional Tournament. On Wednesday, 8 teams from Colerain, 7 from Crossgate Lanes, and 9 from Woodman Lanes in Dayton would move on to Districts next week at Beaver-Vu Bowl. The Bombers finished 8th last season in Sectionals. 

The Bombers paired with Northwest High School in game 1. The Bombers were paced by Senior Zach Littelmann with a 279 (4th best in team history). The Tuerck brothers Jared (227) and Jaxon (222) helped the Bombers roll a 1085 (18th best in team history) in game 1. The Bombers sat in 3rd. 

For game 2 the bombers moved pairs and matched up with the Spartans of Turpin. Zach Littelmann started game 2 with a spare before rolling 11 strikes in a row to set a new school record of 290. Jared Tuerck rolled a 247 and Junior Zach Saupe saw 35 pin improvement in his 202. The Bombers moved into second floor lace behind Oak Hills with a team score of 1106 (12th best in team history). 

In game 3, the Bombers lined up with Edgewood. Senior Jared Tuerck completed a 708 series (6th best in team history) by rolling a 234. Zach Saupe shot a 223 to finish with a 592 series. Zach Littelmann finished game 3 with a 188 to complete a 757 series. Zach’s 757 was second best of the day with Oak Hills’ Alex Rieger shooting a 760. 

Zach Littelmann’s 757 is the highest 3 game score in Bomber program history. The Bombers fell back to third with a 973 for a 3 game total of 3164.  The previous record was set 9 year ago to the day by Kevin Justice in the Sectional Playoffs. The Bombers have only had 101 3 game series break 600 in team history.  

In Bakers, the Bombers attempted to run down Ross and Oak Hills pulling within 37 pins of the Rams. The Bombers rolled games of 235 (91st best), 201, 278 (3rd best in team history), 234, 153, and 210 for a total of 1311. The Bombers would finish 3rd with a grand total of 4475 setting a new school record for sectional team scores. The previous team high was set in the 2013-2014 season. 

The Bombers return to the lanes on Thursday, March 1 at Beaver-Vu Bowl for the OHSAA Div. I District Tournament. The Bombers have made the District Tournament 13 of the last 15 years as a team. 

Click Here for Complete St. Xavier Stats

Click Here for Team Standings from Sectional Tournament

Click Here for Individual Results from Sectional Tournament

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nvanzile - Posted Saturday, Feb 10, 2018 11:40:14 AM

Princeton Match - Monday, 2/5

With GCL play being over, the only matches that stood between St. X and sectionals were home matches against Princeton and Sycamore (Senior Night).

The Bombers cracked four digits (1,034) in the first individual game on the back of senior Garrett Litzinger’s 242 and the pair of 226 scores shot by fellow seniors Zach Littelmann and Jared Tuerck. Although Princeton’s total wasn’t that high as a team (831), senior Michael Fletcher rolled a 234 to keep his team relatively close. St. X stayed consistent in the second individual game, as that score was only 21 pins below the previous one (1,013). Jared Tuerck and Zach Littelmann continued to be near the top of their team, this time to the tune of 238 and 215, respectively. In a match dominated largely by seniors, there was a freshman for the Vikings that stood out in the second individual game. Cody Carlson rebounded from his 168 to 213 on his team’s way to an improvement to 871. Heading into bakers, the Bombers were up big: 2,047 to 1,702.

Since neither of the two teams did particularly well in bakers, St. X was easily able to maintain their lead. They averaged 183 (733 total) in bakers to Princeton’s 165 (665 total). The Bombers won 2,780 to 2,362.


Sycamore Match - Friday, 2/9 - Senior Night

On Thursday, seniors Jared Tuerck and Zach Littelmann committed to continue their play at the collegiate level, at West Virginia University and Marian University. On Friday night, in front of friends and family, Garrett Litzinger, Zach, and Jared would throw their last home match at Brentwood Bowl. The 3 have combined to roll 343 individual varsity games for the Bombers during their 4 years with the program. During their time the Bombers have gone 54-47 (37-35 in the GCL), finished in the top 5 five times during tournaments, and won a sectional meet. The have left their mark in the St Xavier records book with the following: high individual game (289, Tuerck), 2 top 10 two-game series scores, 2 top 10 three-game series scores, a high team game (1188), 2 top 10 team games, 2 top 5 baker games, a top 10 baker series, and a top 10 match series. The 3 have combined for 2 GCL 1st team awards and 3 GCL 2nd team awards.


Jared Tuerck paced the bombers during game 1 with a 219, followed by Zach Littelmann with a 190, and junior Zach Saupe with a 185. The Bombers would open up 928-756 lead in game 1. During game 2, Jared Tuerck threw a 246 for a 465 series (64th best in team history), Garrett Litzinger rolled a 214 on his way to a 369 series, and Zach Littlemann with a 195 for an individual series of 385. The Bombers lead would grow to 1891 to 1506. The Bombers rolled an 811 during bakers (42nd best in team history) to win 2702 to 2120.


The Bombers finish the season 13-13 (8-10 GCL) averaging 2722 per match.



The Bombers will roll at the OHSAA Div. I Sectional Tournament on Wednesday, February 21 at 9 am at Colerain Bowl as they look to start a deep postseason run.

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nvanzile - Posted Thursday, Feb 1, 2018 2:38:34 PM

With Elder securing the top spot in the GCL, St. X has set their sights on overtaking LaSalle for second place. Moeller is the first step to getting it done.

The Bombers’ struggled in the first game rolling a 972, but they still had a lead over the Crusaders who rolled an 877. St. Xavier Junior Zach Saupe led the bombers in game with a 243 while senior Jared Tuerck rolled a 201 with a ball change in the middle of his game.  Moeller senior Sam Inman’s 245 was best all day for the Cruesaders.

In game 2, the Tuerck brothers carried the team, as senior Jared shot a 246 (447 series) and sophomore Jaxon shot a 215. Senior Zach Littelmann finished with a 207 for a 395 series in the match.  The Crusaders fell off in their second individual game to 830, making their two game total 1,707.  The Bombers led 2000-1707 heading into bakers.

The Bombers rolled a 192, 201, 200, and 156 in Bakers for a total of 750 (187.5 average). Moeller’s baker total was 744 (186.0 average) and they had a high game of 208. 

At final tally, the score read 2,750 to 2,451 in favor of the Bombers. St. X will bring their Rick Flair Chant to Colerain Bowl to attempt to climb the GCL standings.  On Friday, February 2nd Colerain Bowl hosts the last GCL quad of the season at 6:30pm. The Bombers need to finish 2 spots higher than LaSalle to move into the second place position for the season.  

-Jacob Russell ('18)

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nvanzile - Posted Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018 3:03:32 PM

After taking a tough loss to Colerain in the first round of the Cardinal Classic on Sunday and going 3 and 7 in January, the Bombers looked to rebound on the road with Fairfield at Game of Fairfield on Monday.

Both teams shot well in the first individual game with Fairfield taking the 20 pin lead (1,052-1,032). Senior Stefan Schroder led the Indians with a 234 and junior Thomas Dashley followed that up 226. St. X answered with three 200+ scores, as sophomore Jaxon Tuerck (238) and senior Garrett Litzinger (235)  and junior Jeremy Roenker (212) led the way.  The Bombers 1032 is the 83rd best individual round in team history.  

Fairfield stumbled in the second game, as they only totaled a 928 in game 2. Juniors stepped up for them, as Trey Baker and Austin Vanoss shot a 202 and 201, respectively. The Bombers were paced by seniors Zach Littelmann shooting a 247 (437 series), Jared Tuerck shooting 246 (403 series), and Garrett Litzinger rolling a 233.  Garrett rolled a total 468 which puts him at 53rd best in team history; 468 is the highest he has bowled for St X in his four years.   St. X totaled  1,035 (78th best in team history) in the second individual game; the Bombers led the Inidians 2,067 to 1,980 heading into bakers. 

It was close until the very end, with Fairfield faring better in bakers (828 to 770), but it was the Bombers who ended up on top by 39 pins. The final score was 2,837 to 2,808, with St. X’s top baker score being 223 and Fairfield’s being 236. St. X is now 9-11 (6-8 GCL) and finishes the week with a match at Moeller on Tuesday and the GCL quad at Colerain on Friday.


-Jacob Russell ('18)

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nvanzile - Posted Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018 2:18:40 PM

Elder beat St. X by over 200 when they had the home field advantage, meaning it was St. X’s turn to defend their home lanes.

The Panthers opened with a 77 pin lead after shooting a 1,058 in the first individual game.
Elder's sophomore Ryan Kaffenberger and senior Nathan Johnson, who had the two highest scores for their team, shot 257 and 225, respectively. On the home side, senior Garrett Litzinger started things off with a 217 and sophomore Zach Saupe had a 211. Sophomore Jaxon Tuerck had difficulty converting spares but fought to a 171. 
St X rolled a 981 for game one.

Individual game number two was a tight one, as Elder totaled a 1,037 to St. Xavier's 1039. The same two bowlers continued to put in work for the Panthers, Ryan Kaffenberger finished his 515 series with a 258 and Nathan Johnson finished his 460 series with a 235. St. Xavier really stepped up as Garrett Litzinger shot a 228 (445 series) and senior Jared Tuerck threw a 200 (401 series). Senior Zach Littelmann rebounded from his 194 to roll a 204 and Zach Saupe fnished with a 200. Heading into bakers, Elder had a 2,095 to 2,020 lead. The Panthers held a 75 pin lead over the Bombers heading into bakers (2095-2020).  The Bombers erased the lead to 7 pins in game one rolling a 205 to Elder's 137.  The Panthers rolled a 257 to St. X's 204 in game 2 and a 195 to the Bombers 178 in game 3.  The Bombers fought back in game four rolling a 210 to the Panthers 144 but fell to the Panthers with the final score of 2,828 to 2,817. The Bombers are now 8-11 (6-8 in the GCL) and see their next action at the Cardinal Classic on Sunday, January 28 at Colerain Bowl at 11 am. 


-Jacob Russell ('18)


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nvanzile - Posted Friday, Jan 19, 2018 2:09:13 PM

After picking up a home GCL win on Tuesday against Moeller, the Bombers hoped to string another three GCL wins together at the third quad of the season. Elder had a 12-0 GCL record heading into their home quad while St. X sat at 5-5.

The score was tight after the first individual game, as only 91 pins separated the first place team from the bottom. Elder had the lead with a 992 score on the back of senior Nathan Johnson’s 258 and sophomore Ryan Kaffenberger’s 202. LaSalle wasn’t far behind them with a 984 because of sophomore Zach Beatty’s 214 and junior Jacob Toelke’s 210. The Tuerck brothers kept St. Xavier in it by rolling a 224 (senior Jared) and a 215 (sophomore Jaxon). Moeller found themselves on the bottom despite senior Sam Inman’s 191 and junior Nick Widmeyer’s 190.

The Lancers took the lead with a stellar 1,106 score in the second individual game. Freshman Nolan Blessing threw a 258 and Zach Beatty finished his 470 series with a 256. Second place is where Elder stood after their second individual game of 1,036. Ryan Kaffenberger finished his 449 series with a 247 and senior Alex Clark shot a 231. The Bombers stayed consistent and shot a 914 to close out bakers, with Jared Tuerck finishing his 435 series with a 211 and junior Zach Saupe throwing a 202. The Crusaders shot an 895 in the final individual game while San Inman finished his 423 series with a 232. Heading into bakers: LaSalle 2,090, Elder 2,028, St. Xavier 1,841, and Moeller 1,796.

Elder had the best baker games, 205 average, but finished in second place with a total score of 2,848. LaSalle took home the top spot and averaged 199 in bakers (2,886 total). St. Xavier came out of this quad with a 1-2 record after averaging 190.5 in bakers and finishing with a total of 2,603. Moeller fell off in bakers (155.3 average) and finished 0-3 in the quad (2,417 total).

The Bombers now sit in 3rd in the GCL with a 6-7 record (8-10 overall).

The Bomebrs next action is the Sophomore/Freshman Tournament on Saturday where a mixture of Developmental and JV Bowlers compete. The Varsity Bowlers will be in action next on Tuesday when they host the Elder Panthers.

Click Here for Complete Stats


-Jacob Russell ('18)



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nvanzile - Posted Wednesday, Jan 3, 2018 5:11:21 PM

On Tuesday, January 3rd, the Bowling Bombers hosted the second quad of the season at Brentwood Bowl.  The Bombers came in with a 3-2 record in the GCL trailing Elder but ahead of LaSalle and Moeller.  

The Bombers had difficulty converting spares as a team early in Game 1.  A mixture of ball changes and lane adjustments got the Bombers back on track to shoot a 984.   The Bombers were lead by sophomore Jaxon Tuerck with a 248 and Senior Zach Littelmann with a 243.  The Bombers found themselves sitting in third trailing Elder (1100) and LaSalle (1068), with Moeller shooting 884.  

In Game 2, the Bombers moved lanes with Jaxon Tuerck shooting a 246 for a team high 494.  The 494 is 18th best in team history and highest 2 game score for the Bombers this year.  Junior Zach Saupe was subbed in early in game 1 and made the most of his opportunity in game 2 rolling the first 5 strikes on his way to a 229.  Three scores below 163 had the Bombers finishing game 2 with a 950.  Going to Bakers, the Elder Panthers lead with a 2140, the Lancers of LaSalle were in second with a 2046, the Bombers sitting at 1934, and Moeller rolling a 1749.  

In Bakers, the Bombers shot 211, 176, 188, and 191 to make up 45 pins on LaSalle but finished just short with a 2700.  The Panthers won with a 2928, LaSalle finished second with a 2767, and Moeller finished fourth with a 2395.  Elder (11-1) leads the GCL with a 9-0 record with LaSalle (5-4) and X (5-6) tied for second at 4-4 in league play, and Moeller (2-10) in 4th at 0-9.

Click Here for Complete Stats

The Bombers host the New Richmond Lions on Friday, January 5th at Brentwood Bowl at 4:30.   Next week, the Bowling Bombers are on the road: Tuesday at Colerain Bowl against LaSalle, Saturday at Northwest Lanes in the Lancer Baker Bash, and Sunday the 14th at Executive Bowl in Louisville to roll against Louisville St. Xavier.


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nvanzile - Posted Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017 8:55:54 AM

Heading into the first quad of the year at Crossgate Lanes on Tuesday, Elder held the lead in the GCL with a 2-0 record, while St. Xavier had a 1-0 record, LaSalle with an 0-1 record, and Moeller with an 0-2 record. The four quad matches each season are every team’s best chance of improving their standing in the league standings as they can pick up three wins on one day.


In the first individual game, the Bombers struggled to start the day as they totaled 907 and had 3 scores under 180. Senior Garrett Litzinger was the only bowler to crack 200 at that time, as he threw a 201. Elder had a great first individual game of 1,114, with three of their five bowlers throwing above 200. Sophomores Ethan Boyers and Ryan Kaffenberger shot a 275 and 247, respectively. LaSalle tallied 984 and Moeller rolled over 900 as well.


The Bombers improved by 28 pins over their first game’s effort to a score of 935. Senior Zach Littelmann threw a 209 to finish off what was the best individual series for St. Xavier, 385. Sophomore Jaxon Tuerck improved his score from 176 to 203. His brother, senior Jared Tuerck, finished his first complete game of the match with a 197. The 2nd game put St. X at a total of 1,842 heading into bakers. LaSalle rolled a 919 to sit at 1903, and Elder led heading into bakers with a 2,224 total.


The Bombers totaled 851 (13th in Team History) in bakers, which is an average of 213. The Bombers and LaSalle traded pins in the first two bakers. Heading into game 3, the Bombers trailed by 81 pins to LaSalle for second place. The Bombers rolled a 244 (49th in Team History) as LaSalle rolled a 183. The Bombers needed to cover 20 pins in the last baker game to catch LaSalle and take home 2nd place. The Bombers rolled 5 strikes and a spare cover to end their 229 game 4. The Lancers' anchor bowler missed a single pin spare in the 10th frame giving the Lancers a 199 total which moved the Bombers to second. Elder rolled away with a quad victory with a 3042 while St. Xavier finished second with a total of 2693. LaSalle finished third with a 2683, and Moeller finished fourth with a total of 2474.


Click Here for Complete Stats


Elder finished the day with three wins and zero losses which improved their GCL South record to 5-0 while St. Xavier finished at 2 and 1 on the day to improve to 3-1 in the league.  LaSalle dropped to 1-3 in the league and Moeller now stands at 0-5 in league play.


The two victories helped push the Bombers to 150  GCL wins in program history (150-84). The Bombers all time records against GCL South Schools: Elder (21-26), LaSalle (16-31), Moeller (42-5). The Bombers went 71 and 22 against GCL Co-Ed Rivals during the early years of the program when the GCL South and the old GCL North competed against each other in league standings.



St. Xavier will now turn their sights to try and get closer to first place as they take on Elder on Thursday, December 14 at 7 pm at Western Bowl in a big time league match.

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nvanzile - Posted Monday, Dec 11, 2017 9:39:04 AM

Last year’s Holiday Classic ended with a 4th place finish (4,079 total) for the Bombers behind White House, Oak Hills, and Elder.  St. Xavier hoped to make their way onto the podium this year with a more experienced roster.  The 32 field team was filled with local heavy weights such as Oak Hills, Elder, and Northwest as well as teams from Louisville and Tennessee.  

The Bombers rolled a 967 score in the first individual game which placed them in 8th place. Seniors led the team in game one, as Jared Tuerck shot a 206, Zach Littelmann a 202, and Garrett Litzinger a 199. Elder had the lead with a score of 1,105 after the first game.

 Zach Littelmann and Jared Tuerck again had the highest scores on the team in game 2.  The team as a whole improved to 1,052 (59th best in team history) with Littelmann shooting a 258 (53rd best in team history) and Jared Tuerck a 237. So Jeremy Roenker entered for game 2 rolling a 201 off the bench.  Northwest led after the second individual game with a total score of 2,134 while the Bombers stayed in 8th.

Garrett Litzinger rebounded from his second individual game (171) to 231 to finish with a 601 series (98th best in team history). Other notable series for the Bombers included Jared Tuerck rolling a game 3 of 213 for a 641 (37th best in team history), Zach Littelmann with a 634 (43rd best in team history), and sophomore Jaxon Tuerck finishing with a 223 for a a 614 (76th best in team history). St. Xavier Cincinnati was in 8th place with a 3,031 score just behind St. Xavier Louisville (3,049). Oak Hills held the lead with a total of 3,253. 

The Bombers entered bakers trailing GCL rivals LaSalle and Elder as well as Louisville St X, Lousiville Trinity, Elder's Second Team, Oak Hills, and Northwestern.  The Bombers and the St X Tigers matched up well on the Baker pair. The Bombers Rolling a 1260 and the Tigers a 1290.  The Bombers passed fellow GCL rivals to, much like last year, finish in 4th place.  The Oak Hills Highlanders took first (4526), followed Louisville St. X (4342), Northwestern (4328), the Bombers with 4291, and LaSalle with 4261.  

The Bombers’ next competition is the first GCL Quad of the season on Tuesday, December 12 at 4pm at Crossgate Lanes. First place in the GCL is on the line as Elder comes in 4-1, 2 and 0 in the league, the Bombers 2-1, 1-0 in GCL play, LaSalle 1-1 but winless in the GCL, and Moeller 1-2 and winless in the GCL.  

Click Here for Complete St. X Stats from Holiday Classic


 -Jacob Russell

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nvanzile - Posted Tuesday, Dec 5, 2017 10:49:15 PM

The Bowling Bombers played host to the LaSalle Lancers on Wednesday, December 5 at Brentwood Bowl.  In this week's Enquirer poll, the Lancers and Bombers were both voted 4th.  The Bombers came into the match trailing in the overall series 14 to 31.

In game 1, the Bombers were paced by sophomore Jaxon Tuerck's 223 and senior Zach Littelmann's 196.  LaSalle was led by Jacob Toelker with a 226 (401 series) and Michael Fields throwing a 194.  LaSalle and St. Xavier cleared the benches on lanes 7 and 8 to throw a 124 to 138 respectfully.  St. Xavier would push to an early lead of 926 to 891.

The Bombers and Lancers would struggle as the lanes broke down in game 2.  The Bombers turned to senior Jared Tuerck for a 215 (398 series), Jaxon Tuerck with a 193 (416 series), and junior Ben Behimer throwing a 180 (366 series).  The Lancers' Noah Blessing rolled a 221 for a 411 series and Michael Fields rolled a 216 for a 410 series.  Lanes 7 and 8 would probe to be even more problematic with the Lancers rolling a 116 and the Bombers throwing a team effort of 132.  The Bombers lead would increase, 1815 to 1756.

In baker games 1 and 2 the Lancers chipped the Bomber lead down to 17 pins with team scores of 202 and 194 to the Bombers 171 and 183.  In Game 3, the Bombers would roll 6 strikes in a row to finish with a 246 (35th best in team history) while LaSalle shot a 172.  With a 91 pin lead heading into the final game, the Bombers would roll a 161 to the 172 shot by the Lancers to seal the St. Xavier victory by a final score of 2576 to 2496. 

With the win, the Bombers move to 2-1 overall and 1-0 in the GCL South while the Lancers fall to 1-1 and 0-1 in the GCL South.  In the other GCL South match on the night, the Elder Panthers beat the Moeller Crusaders 2832-2396 leaving Elder and St. X tied at the top.  The Bombers travel to Western Bowl on Sunday for the Holiday Classic tournament where they look to improve on their 4th place finish from last season.  



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nvanzile - Posted Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017 10:34:53 AM

Coming off of a 5th place finish at the Centerville Elks Invitational, the Bombers had their first home match against the Butler Aviators of the GWOC on Monday November 28th. Butler looked to win their third straight contest against St. X since the teams started playing each other in the 2016 season.

Senior Jared Tuerck and junior Jeremy Roenker led their squad to a 939 total in the first individual game with scores of 229 and 207, respectively. The low score for the Bombers in the first game was a 126 after there were two substitutions in that spot. Butler came out swinging in their first game with a 1,097 total and high games from senior Noah Detrick (245) and junior Aaron Seelbaugh (244). 

St. X made up for their first individual game with a score of 1,188 in the second individual game that set the school record. The previous record was a 1,162 total at Northwest in 2013. The previous high individual round at Brentwood Bowl was shot in 2009 (1158).  It couldn’t have been done without Roenker’s 257 (63rd best in team history), for a 464 series (64th best in team history), senior Zach Littelmann’s 248 (447 series), and senior Garrett Litzinger’s 247. That new school record aside, the Aviators didn’t back down from the extra pressure on them. They matched the Bombers with a 1,039 total for the second individual game, led by junior Drew Sacks’ 248. Heading into bakers, Butler held a 9 pin lead over the Bombers of 2,136 to 2,127. 

During bakers, Butler pulled ahead of the Bombers. They totaled 908 and averaged 227 in their four bakers games compared to St. X’s total of 743 and average of 186. The Aviators prevailed over the Bombers by the final score of 3,044 to 2,870. St. Xavier plays against Badin at Northwest Lanes at 4pm on Thursday, November 30.

The 2870 score by the Bombers is 18th best in team history.  

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nvanzile - Posted Sunday, Nov 26, 2017 3:10:55 PM

After a 17-10 campaign last season, the St. Xavier bowling team looked to start the 2017-2018 season on the right foot in the Centerville Elks Invitational at Poelking South Lanes on Saturday November 25th. This year’s squad starts the year with more game experience returning all 6 varsity bowlers. 

In a field of 14 boys squads, St. X held the 8th place spot with a score of 967 after the first game. Seniors Zach Littelmann and Jared Tuerck led the way for their team with scores of 238 and 197, respectively. Oak Hills had quite a good game for themselves to start the tournament, as they led with a score of 1,126. 

The Bowling Bombers stayed steady in their second individual game, improving on their first game by 7 pins to 974. This improvement was a result of a high score by each senior on this year’s squad: Jared Tuerck with a 238 (611 series), Zach Littelmann with a 217, and Garrett Litzinger with a 207 (590 series). Fairborn moved into 1st place after the second individual game with a total of 2,219 compared to the Bombers’ 1,941. 

Most teams had difficulty transitioning during the third game and St. X fell off in their final individual game to 938. Zach Littelmann finished the 722 series that would earn him the #4 spot on the all-tournament team with a 267. Garrett Litzinger threw the second highest score in the third game on his team, a 200. Heading into bakers, the Bombers stood in 6th place with a total score of 2,879 and Fairborn held the lead with a score of 3,265.

During the 10 baker games, the Bombers totaled 1,978 and averaged 198. Their best baker games were 232, 223, and 216. By the end of bakers, St. X managed to overtake Troy and finish in 5th place with a total pin count of 4,875. 

The Bowling Bombers’ next action is against Butler at Brentwood Bowl on Monday, November 27th at 5:30pm. 

-Jacob Russell ('18)


Click Here for St. Xavier Stats from Centerville Invitational

Click Here for Final Results from Centerville Invitational


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nvanzile - Posted Friday, Feb 24, 2017 2:36:32 PM

The Bombers managed to squeeze into the 8th and final spot at Colerain Bowl with a total score of 3,823 to advance to the Southwest Districts at Beaver-Vu Lanes on March 1st. This marks the Bombers 12th trip to Districts in the last 14 years.

Game 1 of individuals definitely didn’t help the Bombers in their season lengthening endeavors, as they only rolled a 845 (169 average). Junior Garrett Litzinger rolled the best game in the first individuals for his team with a 186 and his scores only went up from there.

The same went for the rest of his team, as in the second game the team’s total climbed to 989. All five starters shot 190 or higher, as Junior Jared Tuerck lead the charge with a 222 while Sophomore Jeremy Roenker edged out his teammates with a 195.

Unfortunately, the St. X had difficulty on the transitioning lanes, as their final individual game was 873. Garrett Litzinger continued to increase his scores, this time to 210 (588 series, 196 average). Jared Tuerck also had a decent series for the Bombers with a 558. St. X’s three game total of 2,707 was good enough to hold the last Districts spot (8th place) ahead of Kings by a mere 5 pins.

The Bombers held their final spot and extended their lead over Kings to 118 pins. Over six baker games, the Bombers averaged 186 (1,116 average) with high games of 233 and 202. The Bombers finished 8th with the Oak Hills Highlanders taking 1st with a 4402, Lebanon finishing 2nd with a 4365, and Colerain in 3rd with a 4245.

The Bombers will attempt to make state for the first time since 2009 at Beaver-Vu Bowl in Beavercreek on Wednesday, March 1 in the OHSAA Division I SW District Tournament. The Bombers will match up with fellow GCL members LaSalle and Elder, along with the Crossgate Sectional Winner Mason (4188), and Woodman Sectional Winner Centerville (4219). The remaining teams at Districts include Franklin, Ross, Harrison, and Northwest from Colerain Bowl, Middletown, Milford, Sycamore, and Wilmington from Crossgate Lanes, and Kettering Fairmont, Wayne, Sidney, Northmont, Beavercreek, Miamisburg, Butler, and Tecumseh from Woodman Lanes.

The 24 teams will compete for 5 spots to travel to Waynes Webb's Columbus Bowl for the OHSAA Division I State Championship.  The Southwest District tournament teams will compete on the Kegel Oil Pattern Broadway.  


Click Here for St. Xavier Stats from Sectional Tournament

Click Here for Complete Individual Results from Sectional Tournament

Click Here for Complete Team Results from Sectional Tournament

Click Here for Complete OHSAA Division I SW District Coverage


-Jacob Russell ('18)

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nvanzile - Posted Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017 9:02:00 AM

The Bombers started the final week of the regular season with a win at Brentwood Bowl against the #3 team in the city, Fairfield, by the score of 2,673 to 2,521. The Bombers hadn't faced the Indians in a match since 2015. This is the Bombers first win over the Indians since November 26, 2013.

It was very close in the beginning, as the Bombers led by only 5 pins at the end of the first game, 897-892. Juniors led the charge for St. X, with Jared Tuerck and Zach Littelmann rolling 193 and 189 respectively. Sophomore Jeremy Roenker helped the team forward as well with a score of 187. For the Indians, it was all about the Seniors, as Rob Horton and Kyle Anderson carried their team by throwing scores of 197 and 189.

The Bombers were able to get a more comfortable lead after improving in the second game to a total of 1,056 (51st best in team history). Jared Tuerck and Zach Littelmann continued to be the ones on top for the Bombers, as they both finished with a 400+ series. Jared finished with a 428 series (235 in game 2) and Zach finished with a 413 series (224 in game 2). Junior Garrett Litzinger made up for his first game by rolling a 221 in game 2. The same bowlers stayed consistent for Fairfield as well, with Kyle Anderson (420 series) and Rob Horton (403 series) having great second games of 231 and 206. Before the four baker games, St. X led by 93 pins, 1,953 to 1,860.

Fairfield couldn’t mount the comeback as they fell short to the Bombers in bakers as well. The home team totaled 720 in bakers (180 average), with a high of 200. The Indians, on the other hand, averaged 661 in bakers (165 average), losing an additional 59 pins on St. X.

The Bombers took the win by 152 pins, 2,673 to 2,521. St. X now stands at 16-9 (11-7 in GCL play) with two matches left this week.

On Wednesday, the Bombers travel to Roger Bacon at Colerain Bowl at 4pm for their first match-up since 2014. The week is then capped off with Senior Night on Friday against Mason at Brentwood Bowl at 6:30pm.

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nvanzile - Posted Wednesday, Feb 1, 2017 4:24:43 AM

Tuesday was the night that we learned a little bit more about what the final GCL bowling standings would look like. With St. X blowing out Moeller by 528 and Elder falling on the road by 125 to LaSalle, the Bombers locked in the 2nd place spot. The Bowling Bomber's highest finish since 2013.

The Bombers took the lead early by 195 pins, 973 to 778, on the backs of Junior Jared Tuerck and Sophomore Zach Saupe with scores of 228 and 201. Junior Sam Inman led the Crusaders with a 213, but they still found themselves behind.

St. X managed to crack four digits in the second individual game with a total of 1,119 (5th best in team history). Junior Garrett Litzinger led the team’s stellar game with a 247 (442 series) while Sophomore Ben Behimer rolled a 237. Jared Tuerck, who had the high series of 451 (96th best in team history), and Zach Saupe continued to contribute well to the team with scores of 223 and 218. Sam Inman would continue to try to keep Moeller in the match with a 190 (403 series), but his team only totaled 790 in the second game. With only baker games left to go, the score was: St. X 2,092, Moeller 1,568.

The two teams had similar baker scores, but the Crusaders were unable to bridge the gap of over 500 pins. While anxiously awaiting the results of Elder @ LaSalle (where LaSalle won, 2,782 to 2,567), the Bombers ended up on top by the final score of 2,722 to 2,194. This puts St. X at 15-9 overall (11-7 in GCL play) with their next action being at the Centerville Elks Invitational on Saturday, February 3 at Poelking Lanes South at 11am.

Click Here for Complete Match Statistics

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nvanzile - Posted Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017 9:42:23 AM

St. X pulled ahead for 2nd place against the Panthers by defending their home lanes by 74 pins. Junior Jared Tuerck helped the Bombers get the first step on Elder with a score of 224, while Sophomore Zach Saupe also contributed to the cause with a 202. The away team saw themselves 48 pins short after the first game despite Juniors Ben Hornback and Alex Clark rolling 199 and 194.

Both teams stayed consistent into game 2, and Jared Tuerck was no exception for the Bombers, as he led the team’s 910 with a 197 of his own (421 series). The Panthers bowled about as well as they did in game 1, but Senior Conner Brocker made up for his 172 in the first game with a 233 (505 series). The score was close at the end of Round 1, as the Bombers held the lead by only 78 pins, 1,848 to 1,770.

The two sides traded blows in the first two bakers. Elder inched towards the home squad, 177-159. Game two was a much different story, as the Bombers made up for the first game and then some, winning by 36 (192-136). With the last half of bakers to go, only 96 pins separated the GCL rivals. The Panthers made things a little more interesting by winning the third game by 47 pins, 226-179. Fortunately though, the Bombers were able to slam the door in the final game by a score of 213-181, capping off the 2,591 to 2,510 victory. This puts St. X in 2nd with a record of 10-6 and Elder just behind with a 9-6 record.

It is going to be a tight race for second place in the GCL, as both squads have at least 2 league games left to play, including a head to head on Thursday, January 26 at Western Bowl at 7pm. Other games include the St. X going up against Moeller on Tuesday, January 31 at Crossgate Lanes at 4pm and Elder going up against LaSalle twice.

-Jacob Russell ('18)

Click Here for Complete Match Statistics

Click Here for GCL Bowling Coverage

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nvanzile - Posted Monday, Jan 23, 2017 2:18:51 PM

After just claiming the second place spot on Tuesday, the Bombers now sit behind Elder for third in the GCL standings. LaSalle, who already led the GCL before tonight, got out to a 7 pin lead early on the Bombers, 900-893. Sophomore Jacob Toelke and Senior Zach Schott led the charge for the Lancers with scores of 234 and 214. For St. X, the top score at Western Bowl was once again Junior Zach Littelmann, who shot a 195. Elder was in striking distance after game 1, trailing the lead by only 70 pins with their 830 score. Senior Oliver Hand kept the Panthers in it, rolling a 192. Moeller found themselves 109 pins off the lead following their 791 total as a team. LaSalle had a huge game 2 in order to retain their advantage, as three bowlers shot 220+. Junior Johnny Solzsmon was first among his team with a 235, while Sophomore Jacob Toelke (467 series) and Senior Noah Kurtz followed up with 233 and 224. Elder bowled the highest game of the quad of 1,011, which was good enough to take second place from St. X. This was in large part to Senior Matthew Peterson who capped off a 427 series with an amazing 255. The Bombers improved from game 1 by 16 pins, but still fell to third despite the best efforts of Juniors Jared Tuerck’s 219 and Garrett Litzinger’s 204. The Crusaders found themselves more than 200 pins behind third place, making any comeback truly difficult. Leading into bakers: LaSalle had the lead with a score of 1,903, with Elder sitting 62 pins behind and St. X 101.

The Lancers got the better of the rest of the pack in bakers to finish in first, they totaled 872 (218 average) and had high games of 200 and 235. Elder extended their lead by 21 pins over the Bombers with a 830 bakers series while peaking at 254 and 222. With the top two teams bowling so well in bakers, there was only so much the Bombers could do. They put forward a 799, close to 200 pins per game, while starting the day with a 226 and ending the day on a 240. Moeller didn’t bowl very well in bakers either, so they finished behind 3rd by almost 500 pins. The final score of what will certainly shake up the GCL standings was: LaSalle 2775, Elder 2661, St. Xavier 2601, and Moeller 2123. LaSalle is now 12-3 in the GCL and second place is highly contested between 9-5 Elder and 9-6 St. X.

The Bombers see their next GCL action on Tuesday, January 24 and Thursday, January 26, both against Elder. Tuesday is 7pm at Brentwood Bowl and Thursday is 7pm at Western Bowl.

Click Here for Complete Match Stats

-Jacob Russell ('18)

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nvanzile - Posted Monday, Jan 16, 2017 12:05:33 PM

In what would certainly be a long day, the Bombers traveled to Northwest Lanes to play in the Lancer Baker Bash. The field of 24 teams played 16 baker games in order to decide seeding in the 16 team bracket. St. X came out with strong start, averaging 210 in the first two games. The question was whether or not they could make that success go the distance. It didn’t look like in the next two games, as their average in those games was only 171. The team got back on course in games 5-8, as they averaged a 213 with their high game thus far being 244. Halfway through the baker marathon, the Bombers totaled 1,612 (201.5 average). Their average fell off a little bit in the next four games, mostly due to a 169 in Game 12, but an average near 200 still put them in line to make the cut. Tournaments often come down to what team can be consistent over a long period of time, and St. X did so by rolling a 238 in Game 16. After totaling 3,213 and finishing in 5th place, the Bombers stood only about 100 pins above the cut line. During games 1-16 the Bombers averaged 200.8.

The format for the bracket portion of the tournament was a best of 3, with the higher seed picking their starting lane. Since the Bombers had the higher seed over #12 Lebanon, they elected to start on the left lane. Interestingly enough, the Bombers fared better on the right lane, but still got past the Warriors 2 games to zero.


Team             Game 1  Game 2  Total

#5 St. Xavier    191     244         435

#12 Lebanon    184     191          375


Next up for St. X was #13 Carroll, who had just taken out #4 Ross 2-0 in a tiebreaker: 211-190, 204-190, in the Round of 8. The Bombers had lane choice once again, and chose the left lane despite rolling a better score on the right lane last round. The Patriots bowled like anything but a #13 seed, as they averaged 210.5 on their way to eliminating the Bombers.


Team                Game 1      Game 2     Total

#13 Carroll           227          194         421

#5 St. Xavier       158           168         326


Carroll would next face the Elder Panthers eliminating them from the tournament and faced Milford who eliminated LaSalle. Milford would go on to beat Carroll 2 games to 1.

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nvanzile - Posted Thursday, Jan 12, 2017 10:37:12 PM

The St. Xavier Varsity Bowling team went into Thursday night's GCL Quad #3 at Colerain Bowl looking to move up the GCL Standings.  After falling to LaSalle twice head to head and once in a quad, it could be expected that LaSalle would best the Bombers again. With only two more quads in left in the season, tonight's quad had the potential to decide who would pull out in front in the crowded GCL standings.

In Game 1, the Bombers vastly improved from Tuesday, with junior Jared Tuerck tying his own school record with a 289. The other juniors stepped up as well for St. Xavier as Zach Littelmann and Garrett Litzinger rolled a 208 and 194, helping the team total 1,023. LaSalle found themselves in 2nd at their home lanes with a first game score of 900, with a high game of 247 by senior Noah Kurtz. They barely edged out Elder, who was 2 pins behind the Lancers at 898 who were led by senior Conner Brocker’s 215. Moeller brought up the rear with a total of 638. After the second game, all of the teams remained in the same order. The Bombers once again bowled the best game, this time a 945, with Tuerck finishing his 526 series (3rd best in school history) with a 237. After bowling a 199, Litzinger would finish with a 393 series. For LaSalle, Kurtz rolled a 257 to finish with a 504 series and led the team to a score of 917 in the 2nd game. The Panthers stayed in third with an 852 and saw the best score from junior Alex Clark with a 193. The Crusaders vastly improved from game 1 (799), but still found themselves in fourth despite senior Danny Arway’s 185. Heading into bakers, St. Xavier led with 1968 with LaSalle in 2nd with 1817. Elder stood in 3rd place with 1750 with Moeller in fourth with 1437.

The Bombers rolled well enough in bakers to retain a 151 pin lead, averaging 185 (740 total) while maxing out at an astounding 268. Although out-bowled by the Panthers in bakers, LaSalle managed to hold their small lead after averaging 178 (711 total). Despite bowling the best out of the four teams in bakers, Elder couldn’t do enough to climb the hill for second place (188 average). Moeller fell short once again, bowling only 667 in bakers and falling to 0-12 in the GCL on the year.

The Bombers pick up their first quad win of the season by with a total of 2708 while LaSalle scored a total of 2528 to finish 2-1 on the night. Elder finished the night 1-2 with a total of 2500, and Moeller finished 0-3 with a total of 2082.

The Bombers are now 10-6 overall and 7-4 in the GCL and hit the lanes next at Northwest Lanes on Saturday for the Lancer Baker Bash. They stand tied for 2nd in the GCL with Elder and are a 1.5 games back of LaSalle who is 9-3 in the GCL. The next GCL matchup will be at Brentwood Bowl on Tuesday, January 17 vs. Moeller at 7:00 pm.

Click Here for Results from GCL Quad #3

-Jacob Russell ('18)

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nvanzile - Posted Wednesday, Jan 4, 2017 1:44:02 PM

The Bowling Bombers rang in the new year at home with the 2nd of 4 GCL quads. They sat in third behind Elder and LaSalle after LaSalle’s victory against Moeller on December 15. A strong defense of their home lanes would solidify them as the second place team behind 5-0 Elder.

LaSalle looked to be the ones to take on Elder in the first game, as they took the lead early with a 983. A majority of the Lancers’ starting five posted scores over 200: 257, 211, and 202. The home squad wasn’t far behind, however, as St. X posted a 924 on the back of juniors Jared Tuerck and Garrett Litzinger who bowled 211 and 193. Elder fell to third place after rolling a 829, despite decent games from seniors Matthew Peterson and Oliver Hand of 185 and 180. The Crusaders brought up the rear to start off the quad with their 748 score. The Lancers would stay in command after bowling another great individual game of 961, with senior Zach Schott finishing his 513 series with a 256. Sophomore Tyler Williams stepped up his game to a 198. Elder overtook the Bombers with a team total of 1,017 for second place largely because of senior Connor Brocker’s 300, but St. X kept it close. Junior Jared Tuerck was key to that after rolling a 232 in the second game to finish off a 443 series and carry the Bombers to a 917. Moeller still found themselves at the bottom after rolling 844 in game 2, even after a great second game of 213 by Freshman Connor Holmes and 193 by Junior Sam Inman. Heading into bakers’ the score read: LaSalle 1944, Elder 1846, St. X 1841, Moeller 1592. 

St. Xavier would retake the silver medal position with their stellar baker games, averaging 201.5 with scores of 223, 195, 184, and 204 (806 total). It wouldn't be enough for gold, however, as LaSalle held their lead with a baker total of 765 (191 average). Elder’s sub par baker games didn't help their cause, as a 171 average (685 total) just wasn't going to cut it for any more than third place overall. Unfortunately, one team always has to finish last, and that was the case for Moeller after their low baker games of 135, 146, 148, and 158 weren't enough to climb the hill. In the end, the score was LaSalle 2709, St. X 2647, Elder 2531, and Moeller 2179. 

Elder and LaSalle are now tied at the top of the GCL standings at 6-2, with the Bombers sitting in third at 4-3 and Moeller riding the bottom at 0-9. The Bombers now sit at 6-5 overall and aren't far off of some more GCL action. LaSalle gets their chance to defend their home lanes (Colerain Bowl) on Tuesday, January 10 at 4pm with GCL Quad #3.

-Jacob Russell ('18)

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nvanzile - Posted Tuesday, Dec 13, 2016 12:35:00 PM

Following a loss to Oak Hills on Thursday, the Bombers hoped to have better luck at Western Bowl on Sunday. This time, however, St. X had more problems ahead of them than just the Highlanders. At the Holiday Classic, they played in a field of 34 teams from 4 states, with each team bowling 3 individual games and 6 baker games. After coming in 3rd in this tournament last year, the expectations were anything but low heading into this one.

The Bombers started off by bowling their best individual team game of the year that put them in third place, with a total of 1,055 (50th best in team history). Sophomore Zach Saupe led the team with a 256 (70th best in team history), while Juniors Zach Littelmann and Garrett Litzinger also sported scores north of 200 (244 and 224). Unfortunately, some guys couldn’t keep their hot hand, as the team only scored a 972 in the second individual game. Zach Saupe continued to pull some strikes together, finishing his second game with a 235. Jared Tuerck was the Junior to step up this time around, as he rebounded from his first game with a 223. A lot of the team would struggle to keep their pace as the lane oil continued to brake down in the third game, but Garrett Litzinger cemented his run for All Tournament team, finishing his 3 game set with a 258 (50th best in team history) for a 665 series (18th best in team history). Litzinger would finish 3rd on the All Tournament Team.  St. X’s total score of 2,975 would put them in third place behind Elder and Oak Hills at the start of bakers.  

If the Bombers wanted to come home with something, they had to pass Elder and Oak Hills or hold on against White House (TN) for 3rd.  White House trailed the Bombers by 59 pins. A less than 10 pin lead per game isn’t a comfortable one, especially against a team who is often capable of stringing strikes together when it matters most. The match-up was very close after the first two baker games, as St. X came out with scores of 179 and 214. The White House Blue Devils passed the Bombers after the two middle bakers with St. X rolling a 169 and a 159. Despite the Bombers' best efforts (168 and 215) they could not pass White House as the Blue Devils continued to bowl games in the 200s. The Bombers totaled 1,104 in bakers, averaging out to 184. The Bombers had to settle for 4th behind White House, 4,090 to 4,079. Oak Hills and Elder continued their stellar performances from last week at the Big Blue Challenge, as the Panthers finished in first with 4,361 and the Highlanders finished in second with 4,275. 

Click Here for Bombers' Statistics from Holiday Classic

The next action for the Bombers will be the first GCL quad of the season at Crossgate Lanes on Tuesday, December 13 at 4 PM. The next tournament for St. X is right around the corner as well, as the team travels to Beaver Vu Bowl for the Wright State Raider Challenge on Saturday, December 17 at noon. 

- Jacob Russell ('18)

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nvanzile - Posted Monday, Dec 5, 2016 11:57:00 PM

After suffering their first loss of the season to Butler, the Bombers headed to Game of Fairfield for the Big Blue Challenge. The field of 32 squads, included the reigning state champions Wayne and GCL rivals Elder and LaSalle.  The tournament field rolled 3 individual and 6 baker games with total pin count deciding the champion. Expectations were high for the team, as last year’s squad came home with first place over Oak Hills and Miamisburg.

St. X looked like they were heading in that direction once again, as they were in 6th place after the first of three individual games. That game was a 940 total score for the Bombers, led by Junior Garrett Litzinger’s 224 and Junior Zach Littelmann’s 194. The Bombers peaked in the first game, as they had a hard time adjusting to the lanes as they broke down. In game 2, Zach Littelmann continued to contribute to the team, this time by the way of a 212 (557 series). Zach was a good name to have this game, as Sophomore Zach Saupe stepped up to a 191. With their total being only 901, St. X fell further back into the field. Fortunately, many other teams also had issues transitioning as the lanes dried up. In the third game, Sophomore Jeremy Roenker bowled his best of the day, a 222. Garrett Litzinger also stepped up this game, as he bowled a 182 to finish his 552 series. This low game of 879 dropped the Bombers to 10th place and a little over 300 pins off the lead before bakers, totaling 2,720. The top 3 heading into bakers were Wayne 3,088, Fairfield 2,925, and Mason 2,916. 

Making up those 348 pins was going to be difficult, but it seemed even less likely after starting off with scores of 159 and 163. The Bombers made up for their past mistakes however, as they scored 222 and 240 in the two middle baker games. Despite finishing bakers on a low note, 148 and 189, St. X finished 7th among the field in bakers with a total of 1,121 (187 average). The three best teams in bakers were Wayne, 1,289, Elder 1,206, and Oak Hills 1,200. After getting first in both individuals and bakers, it looks like the reigning state champs (Wayne) will be formidable again this season after taking first place by a significant margin (4,377 total).  Oak Hills and Elder rounded out the podium with total scores of 4,113 and 4,105. 

After finishing ahead of GCL rival LaSalle (14th place finish) at the Big Blue Challenge, the Bombers prepare for their match-up at Brentwood Bowl on Tuesday, December 6 at 7PM in what will certainly be the most important match for the team thus far.


-Jacob Russell ('18)

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nvanzile - Posted Friday, Nov 25, 2016 2:09:00 PM

St. Xavier Varsity Bowling looked to start the 2016-2017 season on the right foot with victories against Badin and Lakota East in a “tri-match”. The Bombers took care of business against these two squads last year, but a lot has changed for St. X after losing 7 seniors. With the lack of experience on the squad this year, a lot of playing time is up for grabs.

The first individual game was close at the top, as St. Xavier had a single digit lead on Lakota East, 902-897. After a lot of struggles in the bottom half of the starting five for the Bombers, the team looked to the top of the roster to step up when it mattered most and they did. Junior Zach Littelmann led the team with a 237 (410 series), with sophomore Jeremy Roenker and junior Garrett Litzinger rolling 200 and 192 respectively. The Thunderhawks of Lakota East were helped by Senior Jack Hayes (217) and Junior Joshua Kanull (206). Badin didn’t start off as well as the rest of the pack, as their team was led by a 155 score, with the team totaling 618.

The Thunderhawks stayed within striking distance of the Bombers, only letting St. Xavier add 16 pins to their lead. Hayes continued to bowl well in the 5th spot by completing his 422 series (205 in game 2). The Thunderhawks fell off from their previous game, lowering their team score to 807. A leader finally emerged for Badin, as Sophomore Mark Brugger led the Rams with a 203. Many more bowlers on the team also stepped up their game, adding up to a team score of 756. Garrett Litzinger stayed consistent in the second game, bowling another 192 for the Bombers. Freshman Jaxon Tuerck stepped up to the plate after not starting the first game, rolling a 190. Heading into bakers, the score read: St. Xavier 1,725, Lakota East 1,704, and Badin 1,374.

Badin fared well for themselves in Bakers, averaging 153 in the four games. Their team total of 1,986 just wasn't enough to get much on the leaderboard. The Bombers had to hold on to their small 21 pin lead if they wanted to start the season with a win at home. They dropped it in the first baker, falling short by 40 pins, 193 to 153. Lakota East kept the lead after the middle two bakers, only dropping their lead by two pins. Heading into the final baker, the score was Lakota East 2,319, St. X 2,202. The home team prevailed after a disappointing 136 in the final baker game by the Thunderhawks. The Bombers got what they needed and more after Garrett Litzinger threw what could be considered a “walk-off” turkey in the tenth frame of the final baker game, propelling them to a 177. It came down to the very end, but the final score was 2,379 to 2,355 when the dust settled. St. X now sits at a 2-0 record and look to continue being undefeated against Butler on Tuesday, November 29 at Brentwood Bowl at 4:30pm.

Full Stats here -

- Jacob Russell ('18)

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nvanzile - Posted Thursday, May 19, 2016 12:56:00 PM

The St. Xavier Athletic Program is in good shape overall as the Bombers' teams put together another solid effort in 2015-2016 to reclaim the GCL South All Sports Trophy for the 5th consecutive season.  St. Xavier finished the year with 68 total points which was seven points better than Elder's 61 points.  LaSalle finished third with 57 points while Moeller finished fourth with 54 points.  It was the largest margin of victory since 2010-2011 when Moeller won by seven points as well, the last year when St. Xavier did not win.  The Bombers have claimed the trophy 9 out of the past 10 years.

The fall sports season saw two ties for first place between St. Xavier and Elder when both the Football teams and Soccer teams tied for the league championship with the Panthers.  The Bombers completed the sweep of the fall sports when Cross Country and Golf both won their respective league titles.

St. Xavier captured the Swimming league title once again to kick off the winter sports season while Bowling finished in third place for the Bombers.  Basketball and Wrestling stayed competivtive but ended up in fourth place to round out the winter season.

With St. Xavier leading Elder by only three points heading to the spring sports season, the Bombers had to put together a collectively great season.  That they did as Tennis won their 49th straight league title while Volleyball shared the league title with Moeller and Elder.  Baseball beat the Panthers 2 out of 3 in their season series to claim third place over Elder.  The Track team wrapped up the season with a third place finish at the GCL Championship Meet.

The trophy will remain at St. Xavier HS for another year and the Bombers' teams will look to win it once again in 2016-2017 school year. 

Click Here for the Complete GCL South All Sports Trophy Scoring

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nvanzile - Posted Monday, Feb 29, 2016 8:21:16 AM

The Bowling Bombers took a lot of momentum to Districts at Beaver Vu after winning Sectionals at Colerain Bowl. In a field of 24, the top 5 would advance to the state finals. St. X found themselves in 13th place after a first game total of 957. Two seniors led the squad in the first game, as Ian Beck rolled a 248 and Chase Neville bowled a 221. Leading after game one was Wayne High School rolling an 1146 and Centerville rolling an 1142. 

The high point of the day for the team would be in the second game, as the team improved to a 1,026. This was largely because of the three scores north of 200: Senior Matthew Molinsky rolled a 237, Sophomore Garrett Litzinger bowled a 210, and Ian Beck rolled a 206. After two games, the Bombers score was 1983 and had them sitting 10th with the 2 leaders Centerville and Wayne at 2146 and 2195. 

Like many teams in the field, St. X fell off in the final individual game with an 842.  Garrett Litzinger continued bowled well in the third game, putting up a 213 in the last game. Heading into bakers, the Bombers had a total of 2,485, which put them in 16th place and 328 pins out of 5th place which was held by Beavercreek.  

Series scores for the Bombers were Ian Beck at 624 (35th best at Districts), Chase Neville at 593, and Garrett Litzinger at 576.

St. X totaled 1,050 (175 average) in the six baker games, which ranked 21st among other baker series in the field. Single game scores were 147, 195, 180, 183, 184, and 161. The Bombers finished 17th at Districts, 512 pins short of the cut, with a total day score of 3875 (184.5 avg). 

The 5 teams that advanced to State were Miamisburg (4474, 213 avg), Sidney (4461, 212.4 avg), Springfield (4459, 212.3 avg), Centerville (4405, 209.8 avg), and Wayne (4387, 208.9 avg). 

The 2015/16 season for the Bombers included the following highlights: 1st at the Big Blue Tournament, 3rd at the Holiday Classic, top 10 finishes at the Buckeye Classic and the Muskingum University tournament, 4 GCL all stars, and a sectional championship.


-Jacob Russell, Sophomore

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nvanzile - Posted Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016 9:09:00 PM

On Tuesday, February 17, 2016, the Bombers won their 7th sectional title in 10 years. The road to 7 would find St. X sitting second behind Franklin (1,125) after rolling a 1,074 (28th best in team history) in the first game. Sophomore Jared Tuerck led the team with a 246, seniors Chase Neville and John Faisant helped the cause with their 234 and 226.  Oak Hills sat in 3rd at 1026, and fellow GCL rival LaSalle sat fourth with a 946. 

St. X rose to first place by staying consistent, by rolling a 1,077 (25th best in team history) in game 2.  Neville took his turn in leading the team, bowling a 247 in game 2 with Beck improving to a 232, and Tuerck rolling a 209.  Franklin High School slipped with a 963 and LaSalle moved into second with a 1098.

St. X retained their lead after the third game, as most of the field bowled their lowest scores. Faisant’s 215 and a pair of 202s by Beck and Neville lead the team’s 984.  The Bowling Bombers would end regulation with a 3135.  Franklin would move back into second with a 3040, LaSalle in 3rd with a 2951, and Oak Hills sitting 4th with a 2926. 

Series scores for the Bowling Bombers were as follows: Chase Neville 683 (8th best in team history), Jared Tuerck 632 (41st), John Faisant 631 (43rd), Ian Beck 628 (47th), and Garrett Litzinger 561.

During baker games, the Bombers wouldn’t let off the accelerator as they rolled scores of  193, 213, 233, 213, 160, and 176 (1,188 total, 198 average). The Bowling Bombers would finish with a final score of 4323 (8 pins below the 2014 record of 4331).  Franklin finished 2nd with a score of 4,146 , Anderson moved into the top 3 with 4,104, and LaSalle finished 4th.  Across town in the other sectional at Crossgate Lanes, GCL-South rival Elder would walk off as winners. 

Click Here for Complete Team Results

Click Here for Complete Individual Results

The Bowling Bombers look to claim their first district title since 2009 at Beaver Vu Bowl in Beavercreek, Ohio on Thursday, February 25th

 Click Here for Complete OHSAA District Tournament Coverage

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nvanzile - Posted Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016 9:08:43 AM

Winning at home against rival Moeller would put #8 St. X one step closer to the GCL title. The Class of 2016 hoped to put up big numbers in their final home GCL match of their careers. The 1,064 (35th highest in team history) in the first individual game was a start in the right direction, as four players bowled scores higher than 200. Seniors Ian Beck and John Faisant bowled 258 (49th highest in team history) and 210, sophomores Garrett Litzinger and Jared Tuerck bowled 215 and 203.  Moeller wasn’t used to Brentwood Bowl’s new synthetic lanes, as they rolled an 844. Seniors Billy Gorczynski and David Schneider led the team with 193 and 192. The seniors stayed consistent in the second individual game, and led the team to a 945 total, as Ian Beck finished his 472 series (38th highest in team history) with a 214 and John Faisant finished his 416 series with a 206. Moeller improved from their previous mark with a 941. The Crusaders were led once again by Billy Gorczynski with a 231 (424 series) and David Schneider with a 194 (386 series). St. X had a 2,009 to 1,785 advantage going into bakers.

The Crusaders couldn’t bridge the gap in bakers after scores of: 179, 157, 204, and 179 (719 total, 179.75 average). The Bombers sealed the deal after baker scores of: 178, 191, 244 (45th best baker in team history), and 165 (778 total, 194.5 average). At final tally, St. X defeated Moeller 2,787 to 2,504. Varsity now sits at 16-4 (11-3 GCL) and look to the last GCL quad as they travel to Western Bowl to face off against #5 LaSalle, #7 Elder, and Moeller tonight at 7 PM. 

Click Here for Match Statistics



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nvanzile - Posted Friday, Jan 29, 2016 9:05:05 AM

The match to decide who will lead the GCL with only a few matches left in the season was bowled at Colerain Bowl Thursday night, as the #9 Bowling Bombers traveled to the #5 LaSalle Lancers . The home team used their advantage early, having four players with scores above 190. The Lancers rolled a 923 and led by Noah Kurtz with a 204, and Danny Reichwein with a 197. St. X needed a game to warm-up, as the team scored an 881. Despite this, high games for the Bombers were senior Ian Beck with a 182 and sophomore Garrett Litzinger with a 181. LaSalle stayed consistent, once again bowling a game 900+, Tevin Tolbert finished his 398 series with a 205 in the second game. Alex Bellman also finished a high series with a 196 (387 series) as the Lancers bowled a 939 in the second individual game. The Bombers stepped up to the plate in the second game, with the team rolling a 1,105 (10th highest game in school history) having four bowlers roll games north of 200. Senior Ian Beck rolled a 268 for the 19th best individual game in St X History (450 series-93rd best series in St X history), sophomore Garrett Litzinger rolled a 233 (414 series), senior Chase Neville bowled a 223, and sophomore Jared Tuerck with a 200. The away team had a 1,986 to 1,862 lead over LaSalle, with the GCL lead on the line.

St. X closed out the match with baker games of 178, 148, 212, and 182 (720 total, 180 average). LaSalle fell short in the match despite better baker games: 204, 185, 170, and 216 (775 total, 193.75 average). The Bombers took the GCL lead by the final score of 2,706 to 2,637. St. X now sits at the top of the GCL with a record of 14-4 (10-3 GCL) and will take the momentum to Crossgate Lanes on Friday January 29 to battle Sycamore before coming home to Brentwood Bowl against Moeller on Monday, February 1 at 7pm.

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nvanzile - Posted Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016 1:47:14 PM

The Class of 2016 Bowling Bombers would soon say goodbye to Brentwood Bowl after facing the McNicholas Rockets on Senior Night. The end of an era wasn’t without a look into the past, as the 7 Seniors wore jerseys from the 2004 season. Senior Night got off to a good start for St. X as Matthew Molinsky and John Faisant each rolled a 205. These two scores were key during the first individual game, as the team totaled 915. McNicholas also had two bowlers with scores north of 200, Matthew Massie (214) and Charlie Phillips (203). The Rockets finished the first individual game to the tune of 775. The St. X Seniors continued to bowl well on their night, with the team rolling a 894, with the highest scores being Molinsky’s 194 (399 series), AJ Chaney’s 193 (371 series), and Faisant’s 189 (394 series).  McNicholas stayed consistent, but unfortunately not with high enough scores, as the team bowled a 775, with high games once again being Massie’s 190 (404 series) and Phillips’ 182 (385 series). The Bombers had a 1,809 to 1,551 advantage heading into bakers. 


St. X was inconsistent in bakers, but still managed to average 180 after scores of 212, 124, 220, and 164 (720 total). Any chance for the Rockets to spoil Senior Night ended after baker scores of 128, 154, 124, and 110 (516 total, 129 average). The Class of 2016 pulled out a win in their final home game by the score of 2,529 to 2,067. Varsity now sits at 13-4 (9-3 GCL) and sees their next action on the road against GCL rival LaSalle on Thursday, January 28, at Colerain Bowl at 4pm. The winner of that match will move into first place in the GCL South with a record of 10-3.


-Jacob Russell, Sophomore


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nvanzile - Posted Friday, Jan 22, 2016 10:29:49 AM

The Bowling Bombers hoped to move up the GCL ranks after a win at Colerain Bowl. St. X found themselves in first place after the first individual game, scoring a 961. High games for the Bombers were Sophomore Jared Tuerck’s 229, Senior John Faisant’s 215, and a 203 by Senior Matt Molinksy. Elder was in a close second with a 954, with the high score for the Panthers being a 215. Moeller began the match in third after scoring an 884, with the high score for the Crusaders being a 193. LaSalle couldn’t get going early, scoring an 834, with the high score for the Lancers being a 200. The Bombers extended their lead with a 997 in the second individual game, led by Tuerck with a 228 (457 series, 75th best series in Bomber history) , Faisant’s 225 (440 series), and Molinksy’s 201 (404 series). Elder stayed in second place after rolling a 945, led by scores of 209 and 206. LaSalle overtook Moeller after rolling a 984, led by scores of 205 and 203. Moeller fell to fourth after rolling an 872, led by a score of 203. Heading into baker games, the scores read St. X 1,958, Elder 1,897, LaSalle 1,818, and Moeller 1,761.

The Bombers put the quad away with baker games of 202, 183, 221, and 173 (779 total). The Panthers finished the quad in second after rolling baker games of 169, 224, 158, and 196 (747 total). The Lancers settled for third after baker games of 218, 193, 157, and 162 (730 total). The Crusaders found themselves at the bottom after baker games of 159, 189, 169, and 216 (733 total). The final score of this season’s third GCL quad was St. X 2,737, Elder 2,644, LaSalle 2,548, and Moeller 2,494. Varsity now sits at 12-4 (9-3 GCL) and move on to play in the Pirate Challenge on Saturday, January 23 at Capri Lanes at 9am and Senior Night Monday January 25th at 5:30 at Brentwood Bowl.


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-Sophomore Jacob Russell

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