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The Jesuit High School in Cincinnati

Magis and Insignis Recipients

The Magis Award was initiated in 1981 to recognize and honor people who have made exceptional contributions of service to St. Xavier High School.

The Insignis Award is the highest honor which St. Xavier High School can bestow upon an alumnus. First presented in 1956, this award recognizes graduates who have served their God, their family and their community in an outstanding manner.

The following is the list of Magis recipients in the order in which they were awarded:

Michael J. Conaton Janie and Tom Schaefer
Clement L. Buenger, '44 Jane and Dick Yost
Paul G. Sittenfeld Timothy B. Blood, '71
Edward J. Wenstrup '48 William L. Lippert, '55
Paul J. Lammermeier Thomas A Meyer, '63
Bill and Elaine McCarty Barbara (Cookie) Mooney
Fred G. Middendorf, S.J. Sr. Barbara Walsh, S.U.S.C
Thomas A. Young, '57 S. Maxine Waller
Bob and Bev Linnemann Paula Fritz
Joseph T. Brennan, S.J. Pat and Steve Robertson
Robert E. Stautberg Sue Palermo
John and Margo Locaputo Joan Ackerman
Mary Carol Stall Edward L. Pigott, S.J., '55
Donna Theimann Marianne and Paul '57 Zook
Judy Luebering Richard P. Klus
Richard, Cindy, and David, '95 Piening Bro. John. P. Martin, S.J., '55
Tom Ballaban Cindy Fazio
Dick Berning Sylvia Betz
Paul '55 and Rita Arling Julia Conlon
Frank and Linda Gusich Thomas Mills
John E. Emmett, '53 Lois and Dennis Doyle
Karl B. Hauck Myron M. Kilgore
 John F. Hussong Robert P. Donovan SM, MD '72


The following is the list of Insignis recipients in the order in which they were awarded:

Thomas Geoghegan, 1899  Clement L. Buenger, '44
Alphonse R. Vonderahe, '13  William J. Keating, Sr., '45
James P. Glenn, '22   Charles S. Blase, '32
William J. Dammarell, '28 Robert E. Rielly, 38
Anthony J. Bokenkotter, '16  Francis M. Forster, '30
Harry J. Gilligan, '09  Charles A. Wolf, '44
James E. Shaw, '32  Edward J. Wenstrup, '48
Charles J. Farrell, '20  Thomas J. Lippert, '50
Leo G. Kuhlman, '08  Frank J. Hoenemeyer, '37
Charles A. Eisenhardt, '25  Frank R. Waldron, '29
Walter R. Haglage, '31  Paul W. Hemmer, Sr., '42
Henry B. Bunker, '17  William P. Mulvaney, '39
Lawrence H. Kyte, '17  Harry H. Santen, '47
Charles W. Walter, '27   Raymond A. Neyer, '47
John J. Brennan, '28 Donald L. Neyer, '48
Chales H. Keating, '41  John M. Thiel, '30
Franklin A. Klaine, Sr., '26  Harry J. Konerman, '39
James P. Walsh, '27  Robert A. Glassmeyer, '42
Robert A Ryan, '30  Richard W. Grote, '48
Vincent H. Beckman, '34  James B. Reynolds, '61
William L. Blum, '38  Lawrence A. Leser, '53
Harry D. Foley,' 27  James C. Eigel, '52
Charles M. Barrett, '30 Thomas L. Neyer, Sr., '55
Joseph J. Podesta, '30 Harry J. Fath, '59
Robert A. Conway, '45 Paul L. Niklas, '55
William E. Besl, '45 Donald P. Klekamp, '50
David F. Diehl, '39 Terence L. Horan, '69
 Joseph A. Luebbers, '40 Braden A. Mechley '54

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