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Examen of Consciousness

Each Thursday the entire school community stops for several minutes to be led prayerfully in a meditation on how God has been acting in our lives during the past day and week and what our response should be--a practice known as the Ignatian Examination of Consciousness.

Through the steps below you can experience this "method" of growing in a sense of self and the source of self. You can grow more sensitive to your own spirit--its longings, its powers, its Source; and you will develop an openness to receive the supports God offers.

  1. Gratitude: I recall some of the many blessings of this day, and I thank God for them.
  2. Grace: I ask for light to see my day through God’s eyes and to humbly recognize my sins.
  3. Review: I recall some significant events of the day. What were my thoughts and feelings, words and actions in those moments?
  4. Repent: I ask God to forgive my sins and to heal anyone I’ve hurt.
  5. Resolve: I plan to make tomorrow better in some particular way, and I ask for God’s grace to make that happen. I slowly pray the Our Father.

A Final Reflection

  • Growth in friendship and intimacy needs time and constant attention. Try to give 10 to 15 minutes daily to this examination.
  • Cover all five points daily with a freedom to linger more at one point than another, as the Spirit moves you.
  • Notice how you grow in appreciation for the variety of vocations--marriage, priesthood, religious life--among the people of God.
  • Pray that all hear God's call and respond generously to their vocation. "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth..."

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