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Varsity Bowling Finished 3rd in GCL Quad
Varsity Bowling Finished 3rd in GCL Quad

After just claiming the second place spot on Tuesday, the Bombers now sit behind Elder for third in the GCL standings. LaSalle, who already led the GCL before tonight, got out to a 7 pin lead early on the Bombers, 900-893. Sophomore Jacob Toelke and Senior Zach Schott led the charge for the Lancers with scores of 234 and 214. For St. X, the top score at Western Bowl was once again Junior Zach Littelmann, who shot a 195. Elder was in striking distance after game 1, trailing the lead by only 70 pins with their 830 score. Senior Oliver Hand kept the Panthers in it, rolling a 192. Moeller found themselves 109 pins off the lead following their 791 total as a team. LaSalle had a huge game 2 in order to retain their advantage, as three bowlers shot 220+. Junior Johnny Solzsmon was first among his team with a 235, while Sophomore Jacob Toelke (467 series) and Senior Noah Kurtz followed up with 233 and 224. Elder bowled the highest game of the quad of 1,011, which was good enough to take second place from St. X. This was in large part to Senior Matthew Peterson who capped off a 427 series with an amazing 255. The Bombers improved from game 1 by 16 pins, but still fell to third despite the best efforts of Juniors Jared Tuerck’s 219 and Garrett Litzinger’s 204. The Crusaders found themselves more than 200 pins behind third place, making any comeback truly difficult. Leading into bakers: LaSalle had the lead with a score of 1,903, with Elder sitting 62 pins behind and St. X 101.

The Lancers got the better of the rest of the pack in bakers to finish in first, they totaled 872 (218 average) and had high games of 200 and 235. Elder extended their lead by 21 pins over the Bombers with a 830 bakers series while peaking at 254 and 222. With the top two teams bowling so well in bakers, there was only so much the Bombers could do. They put forward a 799, close to 200 pins per game, while starting the day with a 226 and ending the day on a 240. Moeller didn’t bowl very well in bakers either, so they finished behind 3rd by almost 500 pins. The final score of what will certainly shake up the GCL standings was: LaSalle 2775, Elder 2661, St. Xavier 2601, and Moeller 2123. LaSalle is now 12-3 in the GCL and second place is highly contested between 9-5 Elder and 9-6 St. X.

The Bombers see their next GCL action on Tuesday, January 24 and Thursday, January 26, both against Elder. Tuesday is 7pm at Brentwood Bowl and Thursday is 7pm at Western Bowl.

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-Jacob Russell ('18)