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Varsity Bowling Finishes Top 10
Varsity Bowling Finishes Top 10

In what would certainly be a long day, the Bombers traveled to Northwest Lanes to play in the Lancer Baker Bash. The field of 24 teams played 16 baker games in order to decide seeding in the 16 team bracket. St. X came out with strong start, averaging 210 in the first two games. The question was whether or not they could make that success go the distance. It didn’t look like in the next two games, as their average in those games was only 171. The team got back on course in games 5-8, as they averaged a 213 with their high game thus far being 244. Halfway through the baker marathon, the Bombers totaled 1,612 (201.5 average). Their average fell off a little bit in the next four games, mostly due to a 169 in Game 12, but an average near 200 still put them in line to make the cut. Tournaments often come down to what team can be consistent over a long period of time, and St. X did so by rolling a 238 in Game 16. After totaling 3,213 and finishing in 5th place, the Bombers stood only about 100 pins above the cut line. During games 1-16 the Bombers averaged 200.8.

The format for the bracket portion of the tournament was a best of 3, with the higher seed picking their starting lane. Since the Bombers had the higher seed over #12 Lebanon, they elected to start on the left lane. Interestingly enough, the Bombers fared better on the right lane, but still got past the Warriors 2 games to zero.


Team             Game 1  Game 2  Total

#5 St. Xavier    191     244         435

#12 Lebanon    184     191          375


Next up for St. X was #13 Carroll, who had just taken out #4 Ross 2-0 in a tiebreaker: 211-190, 204-190, in the Round of 8. The Bombers had lane choice once again, and chose the left lane despite rolling a better score on the right lane last round. The Patriots bowled like anything but a #13 seed, as they averaged 210.5 on their way to eliminating the Bombers.


Team                Game 1      Game 2     Total

#13 Carroll           227          194         421

#5 St. Xavier       158           168         326


Carroll would next face the Elder Panthers eliminating them from the tournament and faced Milford who eliminated LaSalle. Milford would go on to beat Carroll 2 games to 1.