Music & Dance


Become part of one of the great St. X traditions by singing with a brotherhood of your friends and colleagues in X-Men, the school’s chorus! Courses focus on studying and preparing choral repertoire from a variety of musical styles and periods by learning the basic skills of musical performance and vocal health in an energetic, choral rehearsal setting.  While no prior experience is necessary, students will be expected to increase their musical reading and performance skills through exercises provided by the instructor, and through consistent progress in rehearsals. Potential performance opportunities include formal concerts with students of all grades, collaborations with other area ensembles, and a spring break trip.

2017 Christmas Concert Choral Performance


Band courses are designed to provide a band rehearsal setting for students who wish to begin or continue to develop their playing ability on a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. There is an emphasis on development of musicianship and playing skills throughout the semester as we rehearse and prepare band repertoire for performance. This group will perform as a large ensemble with sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Performances include an optional spring trip, a spring band concert, and performing for the St. X graduation ceremony.

2018 Spring Band Concert


Advanced, intermediate, and beginning classes are available for violin, viola, cello, bass, and guitar players. These classes offer students a focus on their individual playing as well as challenging music to play with others. There are many performance opportunities available through St. X.

2017 Christmas Concert Strings Performance

Movement and Dance

In Movement and Dance courses, students will learn foundations and elements of dance necessary for all dance techniques and styles. Students will create, perform, respond, and connect to a variety of dance to challenge themselves physically and intellectually. Dance prepares the student in areas communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, also known as the 4 C’s of 21st century learning. The student athlete will find that dance impacts flexibility that creates agility for sports and mental flexibility for higher learning; strength that addresses muscle groups not targeted in weight room training; precision and control in order to produce accurate and safe weight transfer; and mental benefits. Dance lowers stress and stimulates recognition of patterns, spacial issues, and sequence. Movement and Dance 2 trains the body in beginning technical demands of the concert disciplines ballet, modern, jazz, and tap. Movement and Dance 2 can be taken either as a Fine Arts credit or a Physical Education credit. The offering of Dance here at St. Xavier High School offers students a physical experience while demanding real world skills of ambition, work ethic, and passion.