Singin' in the Rain - TX Spring 2022

Check out all of the creative opportunities offered at St. Xavier!

  • MakerSpace - Do you want to learn how to create using the most up-to-date, cutting-edge manufacturing technology, like 3D printers, CNC machines, and laser cutters? Check out the St. Xavier MakerSpace, newly completed in the 2017-18 school year. You'll find a list of the tools you will have access to as a St. X student and a gallery of just a few of the amazing projects completed by students.
  • Visual Arts - Love to draw? Paint? Use your hands and imagination to create pictures and tell stories? Then the Visual Arts department at St. X is for you!  With classes that span subjects from drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, to 2D design and Graphic design and more, there has to be a class you'll fall in love with. Visit the Visual Arts page for a gallery of student artwork and more information about how students get involved with the visual arts.
  • Music - Is music and song your thing? At St. X, we have multiple ways for students to learn and explore their personal melodies. Classes include Choir, Band, Music, AP Music Theory, Guitar, Strings, and Percussion Ensemble. We also have quite a few music clubs which perform regularly, like the Chamber Blues, Jazz Band, Men in Black (string ensemble), Pep Band, and of course the St. X Marching Band.  Further information and galleries can be found on the Music page.
  • Theatre Xavier (TX) - Performing in the amazing Walter C. Deye SJ Performance Center, TX puts on shows that push the limits of what can be done in theater at the high school level, and allows students to learn every facet of bringing a live performance together.  Lighting crews, sound design crews, stage design and construction crews, video design crews, musicians, and the actors are all either students or led by students.  There is a spot for anyone!  Learn more on the Theatre Xavier page.