The retreat program at St. Xavier is designed to give students at each grade level opportunities to develop spiritually by recognizing God in the people and events of their lives. This is one of the most direct ways we fulfill our mission of helping students bring their faith values to their daily lives. A variety of activities are used to bring students together and to help them reflect on Christian values and teachings: liturgies and prayer services, peer leadership, music, films, presentations, journal, quiet prayer time, recreation, small and large group discussions and sharing.

Freshman Emmaus Retreat 

The Emmaus Retreat is a 3 day experiential retreat held at St. Xavier. The Emmaus Retreat focuses on relationships. Relationship with self, friends, parents, and most importantly God. Small group faith sharing, student led prayer services, Reconciliation, service projects, candle lit mass, and a closing ceremony are just a few of the highlights of the retreat. The Emmaus Retreat is directed by Principal Dan Lynch and co-directed by Mr. Eby from Campus Ministry. The retreat will be held MARCH 16-18,2023.

Sophomore Retreats

The Campus Ministry Department is pleased to offer a variety of retreat options in the sophomore year. The focus of the sophomore program is “the principle of sacramentality”: God’s grace is mediated through a variety of ways and symbols. Hence, sophomores have the option to choose from outdoors retreats, photography retreats, service retreats, meditation retreats, and other unique experiences. We believe this allows for greater flexibility, and hopefully the chance for students to enter into experiences that are of most interest to them. More information will be distributed and posted here as sophomore retreats are finalized for the 2023-24 school year.

Junior Retreats

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We are pleased to offer two options for the Junior Retreat:

Option 1 - The Montserrat Retreat takes place at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford.  This day centers on interpersonal relationships and God's active role in those relationships. The retreat’s name is taken from the town where St. Ignatius committed himself to doing “great things” for Christ. Small group sharing is a large part of the experience. Our time concludes with a Eucharistic liturgy prepared by the students and presided at by a member of the Jesuit community. The retreat begins at 9AM and concludes at 8PM.  Students are asked to drive themselves to/from the retreat center, or to be dropped off.  Retreat details will be emailed to all participants two weeks prior to departure.

Option 2 – Becoming Men for Others takes place at the Ozanam Center of St. Vincent DePaul - downtown.  This retreat centers on how we are called to share our gifts and talents in unique ways with those around us. We will hear how others have found their path toward making connections through serving others.  Small group sharing plays a large part in the retreat. The day concludes with a Eucharistic liturgy presided at by a member of the Jesuit community. We will begin at 9AM and conclude at 7:30PM.  Students are asked to drive themselves to/from the retreat center, or to be dropped off.  Retreat details will be emailed to all participants two weeks prior to departure.

**The Junior Retreat is required for all members of the Junior class.  Registration will open on Monday, May 1 at 7PM.  All students must register before noon on May 15th.

Senior Retreats


Since 1985, St. Xavier High School has been offering Kairos. These optional retreats scheduled seven times a year from Tuesday evening to Friday evening at the Jesuit Spiritual Center at Milford. Led by a faculty director and a team of faculty and student leaders, these highly successful retreats have been adapted for high school from the Cursillo model and are widely employed at secondary schools across the country. For more information or to register, please click on the highlighted links below.

Amigos Adventure Retreat

"Friends in the Lord" is the name Ignatius gave his band of companions when they set-out to work for the “good of souls.” This retreat is a journey itself; the retreatants will travel to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore of Wisconsin for a five-night retreat engaged in the sport and serenity of kayaking the islands. Open to rising seniors, it is wonderful opportunity to reflect on the grace-filled movements of the Grad-at-Grad in the life of the St. X student in the magnificent setting of Lake Superior.

Monastic-Contemplative Retreat

This retreat is a two-night contemplative prayer retreat. It combines time of silence with some small group reflection and sharing. The Monastic-Contemplative retreat seeks to offer the retreatant the opportunity to find God on a deeper level through the practice of meditation, contemplation, and participation in the Liturgy of the Hours at the Trappist monastery, The Abbey of Gethsemani, near Louisville, KY.

Marrow Man Retreat

"I went to the woods... to suck the marrow out of life... " are the words of poet and naturalist Henry David Thoreau, from which this retreat derives its moniker. The Marrow Man retreat is a three-night retreat run in conjunction with the Culinary Club moderator and its focus is communing with God in the beauty of creation. Located in the Natural Bridge State Park area of Kentucky, this retreat combines the enjoyment of hiking and rock climbing with the deeper search for God.