Big Buddies Program

The Big Buddies program pairs St. Xavier high school students with children in need of strong, male role models. Since the program's start in 1974, Big Buddies has served thousands of children aged 7-11.

In partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati, Big Buddies volunteers will meet their little buddies every other week after school. The time spent together includes helping with homework and educational games, followed by a fitness or sport activity. At the end of the semester, students and their little buddies celebrate with activities like going out to eat, laser tag, a picnic or roller skating.

The Big Buddies program gives children positive role models in their lives that influence their attitudes and values. The St. Xavier volunteers also benefit by being exposed to new ideas and different ways of life while gaining valuable leadership experience.

Funding for the Big Buddies program comes for the annual car wash held throughout the city in September, other charitable donations, local parishes, St. Xavier High School and the Boys & Girls Clubs. Thanks to this funding, children are able to attend the program free of charge.