Student Activity

St. Xavier offers a wide range of opportunities both within and beyond the curriculum.  We offer extra-curricular opportunities with a vision to grow the range of experiences for students, encouraging them to become intellectually competent, committed to doing justice, more loving, and more religious. 

St. X continues also provides opportunities for students to learn and grow through student activity groups in a myriad of ways that celebrate and elevate Diversity. Through these activities’ students learn and, share first-hand experiences about their respective cultures helping us to be more inclusive, respectful and understanding.

There is a club fair each year in the Ellis Gym right after the start of the school year where students can learn more about clubs that may interest them.  You can also email the club moderator at any time to find out more information about a club.  Announcements are made during the week letting students know when clubs are meeting and any new or changing clubs.

If a student is interested in getting involved, sharing their unique culture, backgrounds or learning more about different cultures Hands Across Campus is a great starting point, and the possibilities are endless!

For more information contact Jaleria Burt at

Student Clubs

Hands Across Campus (HAC)

HAC is a co-curricular program that focuses on the strengths and leadership potential of students.  Through interactive meetings, open discussions, and activities, students acquire understanding and respect for their own and other cultures and become leaders in the St. Xavier High School Community. 

HAC encourages the St. Xavier High School students to appreciate cultural and ethnic differences and fosters better communication among students representing many different backgrounds here and in the larger community.

Activities will include but are not limited to ethnic sharing, interactive meetings, field trips, Martin Luther King Events, movie nights, guest speakers and co-educational activities in collaboration with other schools.

Goals:   Foster Inclusion, Promote student leadership, Have fun, Celebrate diversity

General Assembly Membership – students who are interested in spending some of their free time building relationships with a more diverse community, and willingly participate in the flex time meetings and experiential learning experiences.   All students are invited to become general members and attend all events. 

General Assembly Meetings  (Flex – Theater)

Sept. 15 – HAC GA Meeting

Nov. 18 – HAC GA Meeting

Jan. 12 – HAC GA Meeting

Feb. 17 – HAC GA Meeting

Mar. 30 – HAC GA Meeting

April 14 – HAC GA Meeting

May 11 – HAC GA Meeting

Contact: Ms. Jaleria Burt

Hispanic Heritage Board

Chinese Club

Chinese Cub is open to all, there are no language requirements. The Club celebrates traditional Chinese festivals, discusses Asian culture, and tries different foods and tea. We also have guests come in to teach martial arts and share their experiences about living in Asia. Chinese Club meets once to twice a month.

French Club

French Club meets on a regular basis to share French language, culture and foods. French Club Officers determine our various activities throughout the year which have included lunches out at a French Restaurant, designing and purchasing Club T-shirts and sharing celebrations with French Clubs from other schools.
Contact: Ms. Rachel Kohler

German Club

The German Club explores German culture, history and (most importantly) GERMAN FOOD. In addition, the German Club explores Cincinnati’s rich German heritage by going on field trips, inviting guest speakers and more.
ContactMs. Julia Brown

Spanish Club

¡Hola amigos! The Spanish Club meets each week to practice Spanish in a fun social setting. Everyone is welcome.
Contact: Mr. Greg Lamping

St. X United

St X United is an inclusive club that connects students who struggle socially with those that have a natural gift to bring everyone into the group.  Many of the students in this group have identifications of Autism, ADHD, social anxiety disorder, or non verbal learning disorder.  We do several activities including exploring various clubs, organizing tailgate parties, attending soccer games, doing service activities, and playing fun games at Flex.   We welcome anyone who is having a difficult time finding connections at St X and anyone who would like to make sure all students have a place of belonging.   

Contact: Verna Donovan or Rachel Kohler 



The purpose of X-cceptance club is to provide community, education, and support for its members and the wider school community to discuss gender and identity inside the Catholic, Jesuit teaching to be men and women for and with others. X-cceptance helps all students in our diverse community feel respected and valued to participate fully in campus activities.

Contact: Mrs. Peggy Schmucker

More Activities

At St. X we have numerous Diversity events and activities that are open to our entire student population. 

Click here for more student clubs and activities.

Asian American Heritage Month Video

With the school year ending early, the plans for our display in the main lobby celebrating Asian American Heritage month took a detour that landed beautifully in the form of a student led video sharing information about their respective cultures. The pride and joy were evident, and we are so appreciative of how much we learned.

To view the video, click here.

Black History Month Display

This year we celebrated Black History Month with our display cases in the main lobby featuring St. X Alums and other notable African Americans.  In addition, we read Black History announcements and shared culturally relevant music on Fridays.  To culminate the month, we had a cultural conversation with Courtis Fuller, WLWT News Five anchor on Black Males and career pursuits.  This year we also introduced the inaugural St. Black History Month T-shirt with the design coming from a selection of students in the art department.

Black History Month slide
Alonzo Adams poster
Romare Bearden poster
Jacob Lawrence poster
Annie Ruth poster
Brian Washington poster
Gilbert Young poster

Brother to Brother

Ken Simonson, with the Office of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Cincinnati spoke with St. X students regarding the programs and opportunities that UC had to offer.  The students were really engaged and were able to take away brochures which contained additional information regarding college admissions and scholarship support.

Brother to Brother group photo
Brother to Brother meeting
Brother to Brother meeting

HAC students at the Hank Willis Thomas exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum “All Things Being Equal” on 11-7-20.

HAC students at Hank Willis Thomas exhibit

HAC Cultural Retreat

In partnership with the Hands Across Campus groups from St. Ursula and Ursuline Academy, St. X participated in a very informative and engaging Cultural Retreat led my Tommie Lewis of Make it Plain Consulting. The students interacted with each other, discussed subject matter that affected them and how to process what they were feeling. Out students were very involved, participatory and afterwards had some fun around the campfire with marshmallows, singing and teambuilding!

HAC Retreat Speaker
HAC Speaker 2
HAC Retreat
Student on HAC Retreat

HAC Geneal Assembly - Understanding Allyship and LGBTQ Terminology 101

Andy Buechel, PhD, CTP-C Program Coordinator Lighthouse Youth and Family Services 

speaker Andy Buechel


HAC General Assembly - Islamic Cultural Panel 

student spaeker


HAC General Assembly - Twitter

Dr. Maisha Gray-Diggs, Sr. Director of Technical, University, and Events Recruiting for Twitter visited campus to talk to students about social media and the implications of what they post. The forum was moderated by Senior Eric Thompson and included complimentary gifts donated by Dr. Gray-Diggs and Twitter.

Dr. Maisha Gray-Diggs
Dr. Maisha Gray-Diggs and students
Dr. Maisha Gray-Diggs answering a question

HAC - Open House Display

HAC Open House display

Hispanic Heritage Festival

The Hispanic Heritage Festival celebration included a very informative dialogue and discussion led by our Hispanic students who openly educated their peers from St. X, St. Ursula and Ursuline Academy on culture and, words and phrases that were negative or offensive and why. They also talked about the things that empower them which are a source of pride like family and holiday celebrations. The authentic cultural cuisine was provided by Tortilleria Garcia.

Students at Hispanic Heritage Festival
Students at Hispanic Heritage Festival