St. X believes in not only educating in the classroom but providing a variety of experiences that supplement that core competency.  Our inclusive engagement brings stories into the building with iconic people who share first hand experiences, thought leaders who challenge our students and various other forms of exposure to help our students see the world from a different perspective which ultimately widens their lens of cultures.

Betty Rosemond

Ms. Betty Rosemond, one of the original Freedom Riders, spoke to our students on several occasions, telling her personal story of fighting for change in the civil rights era. Our young men and faculty were moved by her message of hope and love despite the backdrop of racism and civil discourse in the south. Ms. Rosemond’s contributions and ability to connect with our students gave them a true sense of history that aligned with their Other Voices of American Literature classes.

Betty Rosemond 1
Betty Rosemond 2
Betty Rosemond 3

Pastor Chuck Mingo

Chuck Mingo Pastor of Crossroads Church Oakley was our Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Speaker and talked about Dr. King’s alignment with the Five Marks of a Man as it relates to the young men of St. X taking a leadership role through decision making and embracing the Grad at Graduation principles of St. X.

MLK Celebration
MLK Celebration
Mr. Mingo and students
MLK Celebration
Mr. Mingo and Mr. Eby

Dr. Maisha Gray-Diggs

Dr. Gray-Diggs Senior Director of Technical, University, and Events Recruiting for Twitter spoke to our young men about social media; the perils and pitfalls of negative postings and how it can work against you when it’s time to apply for college or for employment.

Dr. Maisha Gray-Diggs
Dr. Maisha Gray-Diggs and students
Dr. Maisha Gray-Diggs answering a question