At St. X we are committed to valuing Diversity in our students, administration, faculty and staff by respecting and celebrating their unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives which will ultimately shape the inclusive environment that will make us better. We embrace it as a core value and continuously seek ways to learn, grow and transform. Treating everyone with dignity and respect is most important to our leadership, to each other and, to our students and families.


NAACP dinner

St. Xavier at the 2022 Cincinnati NAACP’s Freedom Fund dinner at the Duke Energy Center.  The Keynote was speaker Benjamin Jealous, former President and CEO of the National NAACP, drove home the importance of knowing your history and the importance of now!  We salute all the honorees and congratulate the Cincinnati Chapter of the NAACP for a great event and their continuing efforts in the fight for justice.

NAACP dinner


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at St. Xavier

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Diversity Overview


Minority Enrollment



Minority Employees



Students with Disabilities



Religious Affiliations

27% Non-Catholic

Enrollment Represented by Neighborhoods

76 Zip Codes

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Staff

Jaleria Burt

Jaleria Burt

Diversity Coordinator
Kristopher Holmes

Kristopher Holmes

Social Studies Teacher, Juggling Club Moderator, Super Smash Bros. Club Moderator
Wayne Miller

Wayne Miller

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
John Ravenna

John Ravenna

Class of 1987
Enrollment Director, Minecraft Club Co-Moderator
Michelle Yauss

Michelle Yauss

Director of Intervention Services, SSD Coordinator