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Online Application - Apply for the Class of 2024

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Note: Once your account is approved by our office, a checklist will appear that will allow you to sign up for events and complete the application process.

The primary consideration for admission to St. Xavier High School is the prospective student's academic ability as measured by the High School Placement Test and the candidate's prior academic record. Generally, the decision to admit eighth-grade applicants is based on:

  • Above average grades (generally all A's and B's)
  • A strong HSPT test score
  • Exceptional recommendations from an English and math teacher, and a teacher of your choice
  • High national standardized test scores
  • Co-curricular involvement

For students applying from non-parochial schools, please submit the Release of Records Request to your school. If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office at 513.618.3258. Students from parochial schools will receive their records request form from their current grade school principal.

Special Consideration

Grandsons, sons, and brothers of St. Xavier alumni and brothers of current St. Xavier students may be given special consideration. To promote diversity, special consideration may be given to members of groups not traditionally represented at St. Xavier. The admission of any student is solely at the discretion of St. Xavier, and these considerations may be modified from time to time without notice.

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X-perience Days (Shadowing)

X-Perience Days (Shadowing) - Current 8th Graders

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Note: Once your account is approved by our office, a checklist will appear that will allow you to sign up for an X-Perience Day.

Our brochure and website are great, but they only provide a quick snapshot of what our daily life is all about. The best way to know St. Xavier is to experience it in person with a member of our Ambassadors of Xcellence. Walk our campus, hear us pray together, visit our classes, have lunch, and experience the freedom our schedule provides. Our goal is for you to leave with a better understanding of the Jesuit spirit and enthusiasm at St. X, and you begin to see the advantage of a St. Xavier education. 

Note: If you are requesting your son to shadow a particular student, please make requests a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Thank you!

For additional information about X-Perience Days (Shadowing), please contact Andy Gruber, in the Office of Enrollment, at or 513.618.3224

X-Perience Day Dates for the 2019-2020 school year:

  • September 10, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25
  • October 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31
  • November 1, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22
  • December 3, 4, 11, 12, 13 

Your Visit

  • The Enrollment Office opens at 7:30 a.m. Please arrive no later than 7:45 a.m.
  • An Enrollment Office member will be present to greet you and your Ambassador will pick you up after the first bell of the day.
  • All prospective students will attend four class periods, homeroom and our flex/lunch period. A typical day often includes a “free” period.
  • Please bring a book to read in class in the event of a test or quiz.
  • Your X-perience Day is over at 2:30 p.m. and you will be dropped off at the main entrance of St. Xavier High School to be picked up.

Dress Code

  • Nice casual is the general rule for St. Xavier dress standards.
  • Dress pants with a collared shirt or polo shirt tucked in with a belt for boys
  • No jeans, cargos, or sweatpants
  • Students are to wear comfortable dress shoes or gym shoes.


  • You will receive Bomber Cash – worth $5.
  • Average student lunch is $4.
  • May bring your own brown-bag lunch if you wish.

Important Information

  • Because of our rotating schedule, we cannot always accommodate special requests for class preference.
  • Visits will not be granted on exam days, and/or around special events.
  • Reservations are first come, first served and limited to around 20 students.
  • Student guides are freshmen and sophomores in the Ambassadors of Xcellence Club.
  • If you have a friend currently enrolled at St. Xavier and would like to have him serve as your host, please make the request when you register for the X-Perience Day.

Parent Coffee

  • Parents interested in learning more about St. Xavier, tuition assistance and the Enrollment process will have the opportunity to meet with a member of the Enrollment team at 8:05 a.m. on the days the X-perience Day program is offered.

Inclement Weather

  • In the event of inclement weather, prospective students who are scheduled to shadow may still do so on delayed start days. Check the website for the scheduled start time and plan to arrive in our main lobby 25 to 30 minutes ahead of time. Should classes be canceled, a member of the Office of Enrollment will call to reschedule your visit.

X-perience Nights

sign up for an x-perience night

We believe there is an advantage to attending St. Xavier, and this night is designed to introduce you to the unique characteristics which define our mission. 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students and parents are invited to attend.

Parents will hear from a current student, current parent and a St. Xavier Faculty member.

Students will be engaged in activities with current students.

X-perience Nights for the 2019-2020 school year are:

  • Tuesday, October 1st
  • Thursday, October 10th
  • Wednesday, October 23rd
  • Tuesday, October 29th

X-perience Nights begin at 6:30 p.m. and conclude at 8 p.m. in our Chapel of the Holy Companions.

If you have any questions about X-perience Nights, please contact the Office of Enrollment at

Open House (Sunday, November 17th)

The annual Open House is an opportunity for the faculty, staff, administration, parents and students of St. Xavier High School to welcome prospective students, their families, and members of the community to campus. You have the chance to walk through the hallways, classrooms, art, and athletic facilities of St. Xavier High School.

The 2019 Open House is Sunday, November 17 from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. All lots around the school will be available for parking.

Please pre-register for the Open House above. By pre-registering, you will save a significant amount of time when you walk through the door. St. X Staff will have Fast Pass lines set up for all who pre-register.

We look forward to introducing you to the Long Blue Line of St. Xavier High School.

For more information call the Office of Enrollment at 513.618.3258.

Key Dates


  • Early August - Class of 2024 Online Application Active; X-perience Day (Shadowing) online registration active



  • 1: X-perience Night, Holy Companions Chapel, 6:30 - 8 p.m.
  • 10: X-perience Night, Holy Companions Chapel, 6:30 - 8 p.m.
  • 23: X-perience Night, Holy Companions Chapel, 6:30 - 8 p.m.
  • 29: X-perience Night, Holy Companions Chapel, 6:30 - 8 p.m.


  • 2: HSPT Prep Class (Day 1) at St. Xavier
  • 9: HSPT Prep Class (Day 2) at St. Xavier
  • 16: HSPT Prep Class (if Day 1 or Day 2 get cancelled)
  • 17: Open House, St. Xavier High School, 1 - 4 p.m.
  • 18: Class of 2024 Tuition Assistance Application Deadline*
    • Although the official deadline for financial aid submission for the Class of 2024 is November 18, 2019, you can still apply for aid after this date.  When applying for financial aid before the deadline, you are assured of receiving your financial aid evaluation and award amount at the same time you would receive your decision letter in January.  We cannot guarantee that if you apply later than November 18, 2019 that we will have had sufficient time to evaluate your aid application in time to include it with your letter, should your son be accepted to St. Xavier High School.  If it is not included with that letter and your son is accepted for admission, we will notify you as soon as the application has been evaluated and an amount has been awarded.

  • 23: High School Placement Test, 8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
  • 29: Class of 2024 Application Deadline


January 2020

  • 15: Class Of 2024 Notification Letters Mailed / Email Notification
  • 22: Class of 2024 All Admitted Night Reception
  • 26: Class of 2024 Multicultural Reception
  • 29: Class of 2024 Xavier House Reception
  • 31: Class of 2024 Registration Deadline


  • 28: Class of 2024 Math Placement Exam (mandatory), World Language Placement Exam (optional)

High School Placement Test (HSPT) Prep Classes

To assist students in their preparation for the High School Placement Test, St. Xavier faculty members offer test prep workshops. If you prefer to prepare independently, we recommend obtaining a copy of the Barron's COOP/HSPT (How to Prepare for Catholic High School Entrance Examinations).

  • Classes will take place on Saturday, November 2nd and November 9th, 2019.
  • Students are REQUIRED to attend both days.
  • Questions concerning the prep class may be referred to Mr. Jim Telles at 513.761.7815 ext. 411


High School Placement Test

register for the HSPT (Location: st. xavier high school)

Note: Once your account is approved by our office, a checklist will appear that will allow you to sign up for the HSPT.

All students interested in applying to St. Xavier are required to take the High School Placement Test (HSPT) at St. X or an alternative approved testing site.

The HSPT will be administered at St. Xavier High School from 8:30 AM to noon on November 23, 2019 for a one-time fee of $30.  At the time of the test you will be asked to indicate your top three high school choices to have your scores sent at no additional charge.

An important information session will be held for parents of students who are taking the assessment at St. X.

If you have questions about registering, please contact the Office of Enrollment at 513.618.3258.

St. Xavier will hold a make-up HSPT exam on Monday, December 2, from 12:30 - 4:30 p.m.


St. Xavier High School recognizes that some students experience academic challenges due to a learning disability, attention problem, or other special learning difficulty. To be considered for accommodations on the St. Xavier High School entrance examination, please complete and return the Authorization for Release of Accommodation Information and any relevant academic or psychological documentation.

In order to receive accommodations please submit this form to St. Xavier by November 9th, 2019.

Decision Notification

Decision notification will be sent Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

Registration Deadline

Registration deadline for accepted students will be Friday, January 31, 2020.

Tuition & Assistance

Tuition for the 2019-20 school year is $15,650.

There are 3 payment options:

  • Payment-in-full due July 2019.
  • Quarterly payments due July 2019, September 2019, November 2019 and January 2020.
  • Monthly (10 payments) due July 2019 through April 2020.

All payments are done through FACTS, our tuition management company. Quarterly or monthly plans pay a $40 FACTS enrollment fee and must be set up as an ACH from a bank account or credit card (credit cards incur a 2.85% service fee). Parents / Guardians will be assigned a FACTS account upon enrollment. For assistance with your account, please call FACTS at 1.866.441.4637.


click here to apply for financial aid by completing and filing your FACTS Management Company application online. St. Xavier High School's ID number for FACTS is 16693.

Tuition Assistance

A St. Xavier High School education is a priceless investment in a young man's future. St. X wants to enable every deserving young man -- regardless of financial circumstance -- the opportunity to receive a St. Xavier education. For the 2019-20 school year, around 49% of students are receiving some amount of tuition assistance. The average amount granted is approximately $6,500.  An additional $1.5 million is awarded annually to St. Xavier families through the State of Ohio’s EdChoice program.

As requests for assistance exceed the amount available ($4.6 million for 2019-20) it is necessary to establish policies and procedures for distributing tuition assistance grants to ensure consistency and fairness. FACTS Management Company (FACTS) is used as an objective evaluator and interpreter of financial need based on criteria applied to data submitted by the financial aid applicants.

Although each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and consideration is given to any special family circumstances, grants are mainly determined based on family financial resources and the number of children attending schools that charge tuition.  Families who qualify for EdChoice are required to apply for EdChoice before any financial aid is offered through St. Xavier High School.

Parents of current students must submit their FACTS application by April 15, 2020 for the 2020-2021 School year.  Please contact the Business Office with any questions.

Applications that show a clear need for an amount of aid based on the FACTS calculation, which considers income and other resources, will be awarded according to the FACTS recommendation (or amount requested, if less). Those who clearly do not qualify will be listed as “denied."  Reconsiderations will be reviewed and awarded if funds remain in the budget after all applications have been reviewed.

Families must reapply annually for financial aid and those receiving EdChoice must renew their EdChoice grant each year.

For more information regarding Tuition Assistance, please contact Kathy Raffenberg in the Business Office at 513.761.7815 ext. 132 or via email at

See below for more information regarding the EdChoice Voucher.

Additional Fees

Freshman Fees | $229

Registration, Freshman House, ID, Lock, Retreat, Science Lab, & Fine Arts

Sophomore Fees | $120

ID, Science Lab, Retreat, & Health Class

Junior Fees | $300

ID, Science Lab, Overnight Retreat & Religion Materials

Senior Fees | $424

ID, Science Lab, Kairos, Graduation & Transcripts

Other Possible Fees

  • Visual Arts Class Fee (Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors, ONLY if registered for class) | $35
  • Replacement ID Card | $10
  • Locker Lock | $6

Note: Parking and other incidental fees will be paid, if and when incurred, through Ticketracker.


EdChoice Voucher Eligibility For The Class Of 2024

The State of Ohio provides $6,000 state-funded scholarships to students living in public school districts that the state has designated as low-performing. These scholarships may be used to attend private schools, including St. Xavier.

Eligibility is limited to 1) students who are currently living in a public school district designated as low-performing and 2) students currently enrolled in a public school who would be assigned to attend one of the public schools designated as low-performing in the upcoming school year.

Students, who are currently attending a private school with an EdChoice voucher and are assigned to a low-performing public school, can apply to transfer the voucher to St. Xavier.

The list of EdChoice-designated public schools can be found at

Admissions Checklist

First page of the PDF file: Classof2024Checklist

Transferring to St. Xavier

St. Xavier recognizes that due to different reasons, students are seeking a new location to complete their high school experience. St. Xavier is eager to welcome transfer students, knowing they contribute a great deal to the culture and atmosphere of St. Xavier High School and can gain much from the experience as well.

Each year, St. Xavier receives inquiries from qualified students interested in transferring after freshman year. We admit transfer students who present clearly defined academic and social needs for transfer, supported by a proven record of achievement in a college-preparatory high school curriculum.

The application for transferring students is available below. We hope the information that follows will enable you to give careful consideration to St. Xavier High School as you make plans to continue your high school experience.

The deadline for applications is June 19th, 2020.

For more information regarding the transferring student process, please contact Mike Dehring at


Admissions Process

What kind of admissions criteria does St. Xavier use?

There is no simple formula for gaining admission to St. Xavier. Typically, St. Xavier looks at young men who are A/B students and score well on standardized testing (usually in the top 30%). While strong academic achievement is very important, St. Xavier also looks closely at extracurricular involvement, community service, and other leadership opportunities. In addition, the admission committee relies on teacher recommendations to get the fullest possible view of the student.

How many students take the entrance test?

While the number varies from year to year, St. Xavier receives about 1,000 test scores. Of those students over 750 typically will complete the full application process.

How many students are admitted?

This number varies from year to year, depending on the number of applicants. As a general guideline, St. Xavier admits about 55 to 60% of those students who apply. Those students who are accepted generally enroll at a rate of about 75%.

What entrance test do you give?

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is the standardized test that the archdiocese uses for placement in many high schools and entrance for St. Xavier. The HSPT practice test book can be found in most major book sellers.

How does a student report his test scores?

All students who take the HSPT will have the option to send their scores to three schools. They merely need bubble in the correct school codes (which will be given to them on the day of the test), and the scores will be sent to the appropriate location. If a student wants a fourth school to have his scores, the family must contact the Catholic Schools Office at the Archdiocese, and the CSO will then have to request the scores from the testing service.

Is there a minimum test score that students must achieve?

While there is no definitive minimum, the school feels that students who have scored at the 70th percentile or higher on the HSPT have the best chance of succeeding at St. Xavier.

How important is legacy in gaining admittance to St. X?

Legacy is only one of the criteria used in the application process. All legacy students must meet the same admissions standards as non-legacy applicants. While 48% of our student body have legacy, only half of these students were admitted using their legacy status.

What grades does a student need to be considered for admittance?

In general the admissions committee wants to see students who achieve A’s and B’s while recognizing that each grade school varies in grading policies. Students with limited C marks still have the opportunity for acceptance.

Can students transfer high school credits accumulated from grade school?

Yes. Students can test into higher levels of math and foreign language in the spring before their freshmen year.

Can a student transfer to St. X?

Yes. Each year St. Xavier welcomes transfer applicants. Students who would like to transfer to St. Xavier can complete the online application or contact the enrollment office any time throughout the year. The school will render a decision within two weeks of receiving the completed materials.

What is the tuition?

All information can be found in the "Tuition & Assistance" tab above.

What scholarship opportunities are there for students?

The top 20 test takers will receive a $2,500 scholarship for one year. The Miguel Pro Scholarship is one-year scholarship awarded to one incoming freshman who takes the entrance exam, demonstrates financial need, is of Hispanic descent and completes an essay explaining why he desires to attend St. Xavier High School. All other tuition assistance is need-based.

Does St. X offer financial aid?

For the 2019-20 school year St. Xavier disbursed 4.6 million dollars for tuition assistance. Nearly 45% of the student body receives tuition assistance, with an average gift of approximately $6,000.


Visiting St. Xavier

How do I set up a shadowing day?

Shadowing can be set up online by going to the clicking the "X-Perience Day" tab above. Prospective families will be asked to set up an account and then enter the shadowing portal.

How long does shadowing last?

A shadowing day lasts the majority of an entire school day. We ask that students arrive by 7:45 a.m., 15 minutes before classes begin. They will remain with their ambassador or admissions representative for most of the school day and be dismissed at 2:30 p.m.

Where does a student get dropped off and picked up for shadowing?

Students need to be dropped off at the main entrance (the doors behind the statue of St. Francis Xavier). An admissions representative will meet the prospective student and his family there. The easiest place to pick up students is at that location as well.

What are X-perience Nights and do I need to make a reservation for them?

X-perience Nights are a great opportunity for prospective families to learn more intimately about the characteristics that make St. Xavier a unique high school. The evening is intimate and designed to help parents and students determine whether St. Xavier is the "best fit."


Athletic Recruiting

Why don't St. Xavier coaches call and/or approach my son about attending St. X to play sports?

According to by-law 4-9-1 of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA), "A student is considered a prospective athlete after enrolling in the seventh grade... any attempt to recruit a prospective student-athlete for athletic purposes shall be strictly prohibited."

St. Xavier strictly follows OHSAA Guidelines, therefore, St. Xavier coaches will never:

  • Meet in a private home with a student-athlete.
  • Initiate contact with a student athlete to encourage them to attend St. Xavier solely for athletics.
  • Call/text/email/tweet/Facebook prospective students to talk about our athletic programs.
  • Call/text/email/tweet/Facebook prospective students to encourage them to attend an open house.
  • Give tickets or special seating arrangements to prospective students for an athletic contest.
  • Write a prospective student a letter or email with a focus on athletics.
  • Follow up with a prospective student even after he has visited the school.
  • Give a tour of the school on a "shadow day".
  • Promise financial assistance, playing time and/or position on an athletic team.
  • Give a prospective student a personal workout in the weight room, fields, or gymnasium.
  • Have former players or current players call, text, or email a potential student-athlete.
  • Recognize a student-athlete for his athletic accomplishments during halftime of a game.
  • Promise a prospective student anything or speak to how the student would fit into our athletic program.
  • Give gifts of any kind.

Accordingly, St. Xavier coaches are permitted to:

  • Speak with a student about our athletic programs on a day they “shadow.” For example, this is how we train or this is the type offense we run.
  • Focus on St Xavier as a "whole" and not just athletics when speaking to prospective students.
  • Encourage a student-athlete who initiates contact with them to contact the Office of Enrollment for more information or to register for a "shadow day".
  • Coaches may engage with students at our Open House.


Services for Students with Disabilities

Does St. X provide accommodations for students with disabilities?

Yes. St. X provides many general accommodations such as, but not limited to, extended time (1.5 times), preferential seating, audio books, tests read, etc.

Does St. X provide curriculum modifications for students with disabilities?

No.  St X does not modify any classroom material.  All students will have the same expectations in the classroom and be required to complete the same curriculum.

What Documentation is needed in order to receive accommodations?

In order to receive accommodations at St. X, we would require any documentation of the disability from grade school, which may include a current Accommodation Plan, 504 Plan, IEP, ISP or ETR.  We generally also look for a Psycho-Educational evaluation, no more than 3 years old.  For some disabilities we will also ask for a doctor’s note.  (However, unless it’s a medical disability, usually more than a doctor’s note is required)

Does St. X take the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship or the Autism Scholarship?

Yes.  St. X is a Peterson and Autism Provider.  In order to qualify for the Peterson or Autism Scholarship your son must have a current ETR that identifies him as qualifying for specialized instruction by an Intervention Specialist, Speech and Language Therapist, etc.  Please note:  St. X does not use the scholarship money to pay down tuition, it is used to bring services into the building for the students.

Does St. X have a support program for students on IEPs or ISPs?

Yes.  St. X has a program called Educational Support.  Your son will receive support during a class period in which his IEP goals and objectives will be addressed.  Ed Support is staffed by certified Intervention Specialists and a Certified Speech and Language Therapist.  There is no additional cost for this service.

My student has a medical condition, should I let St. X know?

Yes.  Some students with medical conditions, such as diabetes or Crohn’s, may need accommodations as well.  The following accommodations are provided for many with medical conditions:  stop the clock testing, drink/food in classroom, access to restroom when needed, etc.  For this disability we would ask for a doctor’s letter to verify the needs.

How do I inform St. X that my son has a disability that needs accommodations and/or specialized services?

The first place to indicate the need for accommodations or specialized services is on your son’s application.  There is a section that asks if he has a disability.  To this question, please answer Yes (even if he has a medical need) and fill in what he has with additional narrative comments as needed.  This does not affect his application in any way other than to alert St. X to your son’s needs allowing us to better serve him.

Who do I contact should I have questions about accommodations?

Should you have further questions regarding accommodations or services provided, please contact Mrs. Michelle Yauss, Director of Intervention Services.  513-761-7815 ext 709.   Email address:   She will typically respond quicker to an email than a voicemail.


General Questions

What is the average class size?

The average class is 25 students. The highest number of students in any class in recent school years was 30; many classes have fewer than 10.

What is the student/teacher ratio?


What are the required freshman courses?

Freshmen are required to take the following full year courses: Algebra I or II; freshmen English; a world language (Chinese, French, German, Latin, or Spanish); World Cultures; Biology and Scriptures. In addition, students will take one semester of Oral Communications/Information Processing, and a fine art. 

Is there a bus service?

Ten local school districts transport students to St. X in addition to a private bus serving students in Mason, Fairfield, West Chester and Liberty Township. Five Metro bus routes also serve St. Xavier. Further information can be obtained in the Assistant Principal’s office.

What percentage of the student body is diverse?

The school has an 18% diverse enrollment.

How successful are St. X students in gaining admission to college?

Virtually 100% of our students enroll in four year colleges. For the class of 2016, 78% received $54,000,000 dollars in scholarships and averaging $177,000 per graduate; 80% of graduates in the Class of 2016 were admitted into their first-choice college/university.

Is St. Xavier religiously diverse?

Approximately 80% of St. Xavier’s students are Roman Catholic, 15% identify themselves as Christian, and under 3% are Hindu, Muslim, or Jewish.

What are the religion requirements?

The religious education program is a four year program. Students will take one year each of Scriptures, Faith and Sacraments, and Morality and Justice. Seniors have a variety of electives from which to choose.

Is Mass offered regularly?

Mass is offered daily in the morning and at the beginning of the student lunch period. Over the course of the school year there are also six all-school masses and services.

What is the attrition rate?

Over the course of four years, a class will lose about 6% of its population: 3% between freshman and sophomore years; 2% between sophomore and junior; and 1% between junior and senior.

Do you require community service?

No. Community service is not required at St. X although 85% of our students voluntarily participate in service activities.

How old is St. Xavier? How many alumni are there?

St. Xavier was founded in 1831 at the 7th and Sycamore Street site and has been at the Finneytown campus since 1960. St. Xavier has more than 18,000 living alumni in every state in the United States and abroad.

How many faculty members have advanced degrees?

86% have a masters degree or higher.

Where students are from

For information about our mission and beliefs, click below.

If we can do anything to assist you navigate this transition, please contact the Office of Enrollment at or 513.618.3258.

Michael Dehring

Assistant Vice President of Enrollment

Sandra Farah

Administrative Assistant to the Enrollment Department

Andrew Gruber

Director of Enrollment Management

Wayne Miller

Director of Diversity

Kathy Raffenberg

Sr. Accountant of Tuition and Financial Aid, Euchre Club Moderator

John Ravenna

Enrollment, Community Service Coordinator, English Faculty