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Making St. Xavier close – St. Xavier students come from all over the greater Cincinnati area. While many students will take the bus to school, many more will ride share. To support that, St. Xavier even provides a Ride Share web page to help facilitate transportation between families. In addition, St. Xavier is open to students from before sunrise to after sunset with the many programs and activities happening before and after normal school hours. Many times students will ride to and from St. X with students who live near them and are engaged in the same activity. 

Challenging students appropriately  – St. Xavier students pride themselves on being intellectually competent. This idea is a key component of the Graduate at Graduation as well as the mission of St. Xavier High School. To that end St. Xavier’s outstanding faculty and staff assist students in choosing an academic path that prompts growth but is appropriate to each student’s gifts. In addition, St. Xavier provides a wealth of supports to aid students--emotionally, spiritually, and academically.   

Making St. Xavier affordable– Please visit our Scholarship, Tuition Assistance and EdChoice sections of the Afford Page for more details on making a St. Xavier education a possibility!  

Giving students opportunities to grow – St. Xavier has an extensive list of opportunities to be involved and to meet other students of both common and diverse backgrounds. St. Xavier can be competitive. There is always a door open for your son, and we will help him find it.  

Advantages of single sex education. St. Xavier is a single sex, all male school. In that environment young men are given the opportunity to lead and grow in ways that allow him to be his best self. At times, St. Xavier students wonder how and when they will meet students of the opposite gender – girls! There are many ways that can happen both with school activities and meeting the friends of friends. There are mixers, dances, service initiatives and fine arts programs that are co-educational.   


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