Student Support Services

Mission Statement

The division of Enrollment and Student Support Services exists to provide academic and social support to current and prospective students, both traditional and non-traditional, through quality services, programs and resources available at St. Xavier High School.

After School Study Hall

The after-school study table has been established as a place where any student may go from 3:15 until 4:30pm, Monday through Thursday, for supervised study. Students may select to participate or, in some cases, may be assigned by the Assistant Principal for Academics.

Bereavement Group - Brothers on a Journey

This program is designed to help students understand the many aspects of grief and provide a space where students can find hope, strength, and healing. The monthly meetings give students the opportunity to meet in a confidential group setting and participate in various activities and discussions to enhance their knowledge of the grief process and encourage healthy grieving. The meetings are conducted by members of the Guidance , Campus Ministry, and Student Support Services Departments. Along with student leaders.. For more information, contact Rosemary Schuermann at 513.761.7600 ext. 509 or

Diversity Program

The Diversity Programs exist at St. Xavier community to raise consciousness about and educate about the challenges and benefits of diversity and inclusion.  Programs include Hands Across Campus, Parents Across Cultures, Smooth Transitions, Fun Fridays, college visits, college application writing nights and minority scholarship opportunities.  If you would like more information about these programs please contact any member of the Enrollment Services Staff.

Donation Program

The Learning Center collects donations of the following things in order to support all students by meeting their individual needs:

  • Gently used books, especially mandatory reading materials (novels, summer reading requirements, etc.)
  • School supplies that are still useable and in good shape (notebooks, note cards, writing utensils, art supplies, binders, etc.)
  • Gently used spirit wear, belts, and ties
  • Gently used backpacks

For more information contact Rosemary Schuermann (513.761.7600 ext. 509, or Jill Malik (513.761.7600 ext. 526,

Tutoring Programs

Peer Tutoring

The peer tutoring program is an academic support program available to all St. X students. Students who are struggling in a particular academic area are paired with a student who has a strong understanding of that content. Students are scheduled meet at designated times during their free bell, flex, before or after school, and attendance is tracked and recorded.  In addition, this is a great service and leadership opportunity for those students who volunteer to serve as tutors.  To get more information, sign up to get a tutor, or to sign up to become a tutor, contact Jill Malik in the Learning Center at 513.761.7600 ext. 526 or

Adult Tutoring

For students who demonstrate a significant academic need, there are opportunities to meet with adult tutors. Students must be referred to adult tutoring services by a St. X faculty or staff member such as a teacher or guidance counselor. Students meet weekly with the adult tutor during a free bell or flex time. For more information, contact Jill Malik in the Learning Center at 513.761.7600 ext. 526 or

Retention Program

The retention program is a program to provide support to students with needs (or those we anticipate to have needs) beyond what a guidance counselor can provide. These needs may be social, economic, or academic in nature. For more information, contact Retention Direction Tami Prophater at 513.761.7600 ext. 588 or

Services for Students with Disabilities

At St. Xavier High School, students with learning differences participate fully in the college preparatory curriculum. Some students experience difficulties in school, ranging from problems with concentration and learning to mental health issues.

The school has created the Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) to examine such cases and to develop, if necessary, a reasonable accommodation plan for the student. Interested families should provide the school psychologist, Dr. Charlene Ponti, with a written evaluation or evaluations from certified or licensed professionals who diagnosed or evaluated the disability. (A grade school accommodation plan alone is not sufficient to determine whether a student is eligible for accommodations.) Dr. Ponti can be reached at 513.761.7815 ext. 592 or

Specific information about receiving accommodations while attending St. Xavier or accommodations on Standardized Testing can be found in the Parent Portal.

Student Support Services Staff

Sandra Grammel


Amy Hagedorn

Jill Malik

Learning Center / Tutor Coordinator, Companion Scholars Coordinator, Peer Tutoring Moderator

Charlene Ponti


Tami Prophater

Retention Director, Organizational Study Skills Tutor