School Counseling

The School Counseling Department provides student services to the St. Xavier High School community. The responsibility of the school counselors is to assist students with their educational, cognitive, emotional, and social development.

The school counselors are professionally trained educators who work in the best interest of each student. A School Psychologist works in conjunction with the counselors to assist with individual problem assessment, intervention, and referral to outside intervention.

Upon enrollment at St. Xavier, each student is assigned to a school counselor whom he may consult for any academic, psycho-social, or career concerns. The school counselors monitor progress reports and failures, and see students at the request of teachers, parents, or students themselves. Professional guidelines of confidentiality are maintained in student-counselor contacts.


School Counseling Staff


Facility Dog for Therapy

Anna Davis

School Counseling Resource Coordinator

Matthew Essary

School Counselor, Soccer Coach

Marianna Freese

Cincinnati Children’s Licensed Clinical Therapist

Brian Gilronan

School Counselor

Andrew Holmes

School Counselor, Department Head

Jarod Kees

Cincinnati Children’s Licensed Clinical Therapist

Lindsay King

School Psychologist

Erin Koehne

School Counselor

Michael Meyer

School Counselor

Peggy Schmucker

School Counselor, Culinary Club Moderator

Beverly Watanabe

Administrative Assistant