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Ray Heyob

Computer Science Teacher, Bomb Squad Moderator, INTERalliance Moderator, Life Club Moderator, Rugby Coach
Computer Science

Carolyn Holman

Math Teacher

Andrew Holmes

Class of 1996
School Counselor, Department Head
School Counseling

Kristopher Holmes

Social Studies Teacher, Juggling Club Moderator, Super Smash Bros. Club Moderator
Social Studies

Bradley Homoelle

Class of 1991
Physics, Chemistry Teacher, Chess Club Moderator, Science Fiction Club Moderator, E-Sports Club Moderator

Joseph Jackson

Social Studies Teacher
Social Studies

Sarah Jackson

Department Chair, German Teacher, German Club Moderator
World Languages

George Jacob

Biology Teacher, Science Olympiad Moderator, Parents Across Cultures Faculty Advisor

Ronald Johnson


Matthew Kemper

Class of 1991
Religious Education Teacher
Religious Education

Tami Kilgore

Retention Director, Organizational Study Skills Tutor
Student Support Services

Lindsay King

School Psychologist
School Counseling, Student Support Services