World Languages

Courses offered:

  • French I, II, III
  • Accelerated French III
  • French Composition and Conversation
  • AP French Language
  • German I, II, III
  • AP German Language
  • Latin I, II, III
  • AP Latin Caesar/Virgil
  • Latin Literature
  • Spanish I, II, III
  • Accelerated Spanish III
  • Spanish Composition and Conversation
  • AP Spanish Language and Culture
  • AP Spanish Literature and Culture
  • Chinese I, II, III
  • AP Chinese
  • Greek I, II
  • Portuguese

World Languages Faculty

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Marguerite Bourgeois

French Teacher, French Club Moderator

Julia Brown

German Teacher

Eleanora Denning

Latin Teacher, Latin Club Moderator

Daniel Dery

Latin Teacher, Chorus Accompanist

William Freudiger

Spanish Teacher, Baseball Coach, Intramurals Moderator

Sarah Jackson

German Teacher, German Club Moderator

Rachel Kohler

French Teacher, French Club Moderator

Gregory Lamping

Spanish Teacher, World Language Honor Society, Spanish Club Moderator

Patricia Luehrmann

Spanish Teacher

Braden Mechley

Latin Teacher, Latin Club Moderator, Kairos Director

Amy Reeb

Spanish Teacher

Maria Rubio

Spanish Teacher, Barcelona Exchange Moderator