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Ohio Seal of Biliteracy Program

seal of biliteracy

Courses Offered

  • Chinese I, II, III
  • Chinese Basics for Business
  • AP Chinese Language
  • French I, II, III
  • Honors French III
  • French Composition and Conversation
  • AP French Language
  • German I, II, III
  • Honors German III
  • AP German Language
  • Greek I and II
  • Greek Mythology
  • Latin I, II, III
  • Honors Latin III
  • Latin Literature
  • AP Latin Language
  • Portuguese I
  • Portuguese II
  • Spanish I, II, III
  • Honors Spanish III
  • Spanish Composition and Conversation
  • AP Spanish Language
  • Spanish Literature and Film

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World Languages Faculty

Julia Brown

German Teacher, German Club Moderator, AMDG Club Moderator

Eleanora Denning

Latin and Greek Teacher, Latin Club Moderator, Quiz Team Moderator

Brett Herb

French Teacher, French Club Moderator

Sarah Jackson

Department Chair, German Teacher

Rachel Kohler

French Teacher, French Club Moderator, St. X United Moderator

Gregory Lamping

Spanish and Portuguese teacher, World Language Honor Society, Spanish Club Moderator

Patricia Luehrmann

Spanish Teacher, Fe y Alegría Club Moderator, Peru Exchange Moderator

Braden Mechley

Latin and Greek Teacher

Amy Reeb

Spanish Teacher

Paul Rieselman

Spanish Teacher, Director of Contemplatives in Action

Maria Rubio

Spanish Teacher

Christina Turner

Spanish Teacher

Wei Yuan

Chinese Teacher, Chinese Club Moderator