Social Studies

Courses offered:

  • America in the 1960s
  • American Civil War
  • American Hot Wax
  • The American Legal System
  • The American Political System
  • Economics and Financial Literacy
  • Entrepreneurship in Action
  • AP European History
  • American Capitalism and Entrepreneurship
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • Modern World History
  • AP World History
  • AP US Government and Politics
  • United States History
  • United States History/MoralityAP United States History
  • 20th Century World Wars
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • AP Psychology

Social Studies Faculty

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Tim Banker

Social Studies Teacher, Director of Student Activities, Student Council Moderator

John Cole

History Teacher

Andrew Coverdale

Social Studies Teacher, Assistant Varsity Football Coach

Alex Hale

History Teacher, Theology Teacher, Cross Country Coach

Kristopher Holmes

Social Studies Teacher, Juggling Club Moderator, Super Smash Bros. Club Moderator

Joseph Jackson

Social Studies Teacher

Timothy McDonald

Oral Communications Teacher, Entrepreneurship Teacher, Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Anthony Nardini

Department Chair, Social Studies Teacher

Matthew Normile

Social Studies Teacher

Michael Odioso

Social Studies, History, Political Science Teacher, Conspiracy Theory Club Moderator

Jay Villing

Social Studies Teacher

Ronald Weisbrod

History Teacher, Athletic Liaison

James Wolf

Social Studies Teacher