Computer Science

Courses Offered:

  • Advance Game or Multi-Media
  • Broadcast Journalism I
  • Broadcast Journalism II
  • AP Computer Science A
  • Computer Science AB
  • AP CS Principles
  • Game Design
  • Information Processing
  • Introduction to Java Programming
  • Mobile Device Application Development
  • Multi-Media and Film
  • Web Design
  • 3D Modeling

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Computer Science Poscast

Multi-Media Class Films

Computer Science Faculty

Brandon Dean

Makers Space, Facilities, Wrestling Head Coach

Edward Nardini

Department Head, Bookkeeping, Basic Business Teacher, Football Coach, Aviation Club

David Pfeil

Makers Space, 3D Modeling, Hockey

Neal Ryan

Computer Science Teacher, Varsity Wrestling Head Coach

Becky Schulte

Dir. of Communications and Marketing, Broadcast Journalism, ESPX Moderator