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Requirements for graduation from St. Xavier High School:

To be awarded a college preparatory diploma, a student must have earned a minimum of 23½ units of credit. A unit of credit is equivalent to a passing grade in a subject for two semesters; a half-credit is earned by completing a one-semester course; a quarter-credit is earned in Physical Education, Oral Communication, and Information Processing.

Specific credit requirements for graduation are listed below. Each student is required to take at least SIX courses in each of his eight semesters.

Required Credits:

  • English 4
  • Mathematics 4
  • World Languages 3 (must be in the same language)
  • Physical Educ. ½
  • Health ½
  • Religious Educ. 4
  • Science 3 (Biology, Chemistry, Physics strongly suggested or other electives)
  • Social Studies 3
  • Fine Arts 1 (typically, ½ will be taken Freshmen year, ½ will be taken Sophomore year)
  • Information Processing ¼
  • Oral Communication ¼

TOTAL 23 ½

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