Leo H Gerbus Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Experience – Reflect – Act 

In the spirit of our Jesuit mission,​ The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is a place where students from all backgrounds bring their unique talents, finding an avenue to express themselves by meeting the needs of others.​​

Entrepreneurship Video - Student Candid Conversations

What is the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation? 


  • It is a place where students learn about entrepreneurship & innovation via multiple learning experiences.
  • It is a place where students can engage their minds, get their hands dirty, and immerse themselves in experiential learning.​
  • It is a place where students can develop their leadership skills through experiential learning, real world applications and by working with mentors through the Servant Leadership Initiative.


  • It is a place where the Long Blue Line can connect with current students.


  • A place where they can share their vast experiences & expertise from a plethora of sectors in life​.​
  • It is a space, an opportunity, where dreams can turn into reality.​



September 9 - St. Xavier High School Entrepreneurship & Innovation Awards Dinner Keynote - FC Cincinnati Co- CEO & Founder Jeff Berding '85 - 6pm

September 14 - X at Flex Kick Off Guest Speaker Series, Tommry Sedler '85 Home City Ice - Reynolds Room - Flex

October 18 - X at Flex Guest Speaker Series, Nick Reilly '95 Partner at Constellation Wealth Advisors - Reynolds Room - Flex

October 20, 21 - Benny the Bombers 8th Grade Boot Camp - Reynolds Room 

November 8 - Mount Saint Joseph University High School Pitch Competition

November 15 - "Lunch Box Topics" - Open Q&A with Coach Mac on Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Reynolds Room - Flex

December 6 - X at Flex Guest Speaker Series, Anson Frericks '02 Co-Founder & President of Strive Assest Management - Reynolds Room - Flex

January 27X-Squared High School Pitch Competition Plus – Hosted at St. Xavier High School

January 31 - X at Flex Guest Speaker Series - Michael LaRosa, CEO of La Rosa's Pizzeria - Room #1558

Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Touch Points

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