Career ConneXions

Upcoming Events!

*All sessions take place during FLEX period.

1/22:  Healthcare Roundtable

1/28:  Resume Writing - Tips to communicating your accomplishments in written form.

2/18-2/21:  Practice Interviews

2/24:  Career ConneXions Week

Click here for full list of 2019-2020 Career ConneXions events

Note: Job Shadows begin in September and run all year on off school days

Speaker Series

Speaker Series

Speaker Series

Mentoring / Coaching Expo

Business Roundtable

Education Series: Begin Journey to Self Discovery

Education Series: Finding a Career Path

Engineering Round Table


***The 2020 Summer Internship Program***

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St. Xavier Experiential Learning Program (aka 'Career ConneXions')

St. Xavier is continuing to offer an exciting opportunity that can help shape the lives of St. Xavier students. The Career ConneXions program was started 2 years ago and is back again with the goal of deepening a students' understanding and learning through hands-on experiences and 'live' interactions. The St. Xavier Career ConneXions Program has a vision to connect students with outside adults (Alumni and Parents) in various professional fields as a means of discerning their passion and area of focus for college degrees and ultimately career choice.

What is offered in the Career ConneXions Program?

The Career ConneXions program offers:

  • External speaker and roundtable discussions
  • 1:1 and group Mentoring/Coaching
  • Job Shadow Days
  • Summer internships (paid and un-paid)
  • Educational curriculum to provide skills such as interviewing, networking, and resume/cover letter writing.
  • New for 19/20! Informational interview program that allows students a quick conneXion with a broad-array of professionals.
  • All program are voluntary and open to all grade levels

What can you expect?

We offer an educational class and a speaker event monthly during flex (the lunch free period). We offer Informational Interviewing, Mentoring/Coaching, and Job Shadow Day Experiences throughout the school year.  We are leveraging the existing school calendar to take advantage of 'off' days given our programming is outside of curriculum hours. Summer internship opportunities will target Summer 2020. Each event will be well publicized through existing communication channels at school and through email (e.g. Principal's Weekly).  New this year will be a text messaging system that parents and students can opt into.

How can you get involved?

For Adult Volunteers: 100% of our programming is made possible through adult volunteers.  We would like to encourage participation by seeking your input on where you (and/or your company) can get involved. As stated, there are a variety of ways to be involved, from a simple skype session, informational phone call, shadow day, up to and including a sponsored and paid summer internship. Click here to see a description of the opportunities and to let us know where you and your company can have an impact.

For St. X Students: This program has so much to offer as you plan your future. It's an exciting time to be part of this ground-breaking program. Click here to see a description of the opportunities available and let us know where you want to get involved.

We believe this program comes at a critical time in our students' journey to discover their life's mission with the benefit of learning from those who have experience and wisdom to share.

As Men and Women for Others, we thank you in advance for playing a vital role in shaping our next generation of St. Xavier leaders.

First-Ever Career ConneXions Week (Feb. 2018) at St. X draws more than 150 students!

See the Replay videos below.

THANK YOU to all the students and Alumni who participated and made the week a success!