Academic Support

Student Support Services

Mission Statement

The division of Enrollment and Student Support Services exists to provide academic and social support to current and prospective students, both traditional and non-traditional, through quality services, programs and resources available at St. Xavier High School.

After School Study Tables

The after-school study table has been established as a place where any student may go from 3:15 until 4:30pm, Monday through Thursday, for supervised study. Students may select to participate or, in some cases, may be assigned by the Assistant Principal for Academics.

Bereavement Group - Brothers on a Journey

This program is designed to help students understand the many aspects of grief and provide a space where students can find hope, strength, and healing. The monthly meetings give students the opportunity to meet in a confidential group setting and participate in various activities and discussions to enhance their knowledge of the grief process and encourage healthy grieving. The meetings are conducted by members of the Guidance , Campus Ministry, and Student Support Services Departments. Along with student leaders.. For more information, contact Anna Davis at 513.761.7600 ext. 509 or

Diversity Program

The Diversity Programs exist at St. Xavier community to raise consciousness about and educate about the challenges and benefits of diversity and inclusion.  Programs include Hands Across Campus, Parents Across Cultures, Smooth Transitions, Fun Fridays, college visits, college application writing nights and minority scholarship opportunities.  If you would like more information about these programs please contact any member of the Enrollment Services Staff.

Donation Program

The Learning Center collects donations of the following things in order to support all students by meeting their individual needs:

  • Gently used books, especially mandatory reading materials (novels, summer reading requirements, etc.)
  • School supplies that are still useable and in good shape (notebooks, note cards, writing utensils, art supplies, binders, etc.)
  • Gently used spirit wear, belts, and ties
  • Gently used backpacks

For more information contact Jill Malik (513.761.7600 ext. 526,

Tutoring Programs

Peer Tutoring

The peer tutoring program is an academic support program available to all St. X students. Students who are struggling in a particular academic area are paired with a student who has a strong understanding of that content. Students are scheduled meet at designated times during their free bell, flex, before or after school, and attendance is tracked and recorded.  In addition, this is a great service and leadership opportunity for those students who volunteer to serve as tutors.  To get more information, sign up to get a tutor, or to sign up to become a tutor, contact Jill Malik in the Learning Center at 513.761.7600 ext. 526 or

Adult Tutoring

For students who demonstrate a significant academic need, there are opportunities to meet with adult tutors. Students must be referred to adult tutoring services by a St. X faculty or staff member such as a teacher or guidance counselor. Students meet weekly with the adult tutor during a free bell or flex time. For more information, contact Jill Malik in the Learning Center at 513.761.7600 ext. 526 or

Retention Program

The retention program is a program to provide support to students with needs (or those we anticipate to have needs) beyond what a guidance counselor can provide. These needs may be social, economic, or academic in nature. For more information, contact Retention Direction Tami Kilgore at 513.761.7600 ext. 588 or

Student Support Services Staff

Donald Furlong


Sandra Grammel


Amy Hagedorn

Math tutor, Support Staff

Tami Kilgore

Retention Director, Organizational Study Skills Tutor

Lindsay King

School Psychologist

Jill Malik

Learning Center / Tutor Coordinator, Companion Scholars Coordinator, Peer Tutoring Moderator

Kathleen Maney

English Tutor

Wayne Miller

Director of Diversity

Charlene Ponti

School Psychologist

Intervention Services

Educational Support Program

Jon Peterson and Autism Provider

St. Xavier High School is a provider for the Ohio Department of Education’s Jon Peterson and AutismScholarship Programs. Our Catholic school offers an inclusive general education environment designed to meet your child’s needs. Students needing special education services in 9th through 12th grade receive intervention, accommodations, and direct instruction in the regular education classroom. Intervention specialists, in collaboration with the regular education teachers, provide direct instruction as specified on a student’s IEP. With a combination of the scholarships, tuition, federal and state funds, we are able to provide intervention services and speech and language therapy services to those students who qualify.

Our goal is to fully include each student in the general education program to the maximum extent possible. At St. Xavier, we foster independence and life-long learning. We want to ensure a well-rounded education that promotes academics as well as spiritual, physical and social development.

Please note: St. Xavier cannot serve every student who has special needs. Applying students will be reviewed by a screening committee of educational professionals to ensure the student will be successful at St. Xavier High School. Students are expected to meet the same requirements as their peers for entrance to St. Xavier High School. We do not modify curriculum.

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)

St. Xavier High School recognizes that some student experience academic difficulties due to a learning disorders, attention issues, or other learning challenges. In some cases, students may require an Accommodation Plan and/or support from a specialist. Accommodations that can be implemented within the regular classroom environment (e.g. extended time on classroom tests/quizzes/exams, preferential seating, physical needs assistance) will be considered.

St. Xavier has created the Intervention Assistant Team (IAT) to examine such cases. As part of the process, the IAT evaluates all current documents (e.g., Evaluation Team Report, IEP, ISP, psychological evaluation) and develops an Accommodation Plan. The Plan provides the students with reasonable academic and behavioral accommodations.

In effort to facilitate the process, St. Xavier requests all relevant documentation about your son be sent to St. Xavier High School. Documentation should includeboth of the following:

  1. The 8th grade Accommodation Plan and/or the 8th grade ISP or IEP
  2. A current Evaluation should include:
    • Identification of the specific disability (according to the DSM-V).
    • A current evaluation (completed within the last three years & include both IQ testing and Achievement Testing).
    • Description of presenting problem(s) and developmental history, including relevant education and medical history.
    • Description of the comprehensive testing, and, as appropriate, complete ocular, audiologic, or other diagnostic exam.
    • Description of the substantial limitations (e.g. adverse effects on learning, academic achievement, or other major life activities) resulting from the impairment, as supported by test results.
    • Description of the specific recommended accommodations and provides rational explaining how these specific accommodations address the substantial limitations.
    • Establishes the professional credentials of the evaluator(s), including information about licensure or certification, education and area of specialization, along with their signature(s).

The Inclusive Education Approach

All teachers and staff have a child-centered approach. All staff members are made aware of the needs of students from the classroom, to the cafeteria, to free bells. St. Xavier, with its full inclusion program, has many teachers who are licensed in different areas.

Our team works collaboratively. Together, teachers can modify the learning environment to accommodate sensory needs. They establish behavior and self-control strategies that help reduce or increase certain behaviors. Teachers work to integrate social skills into the daily routine and curriculum.

The Scholarship Coordinator coordinates the development of the IEP each year withthe local school district, parents and St. Xavier educators. The Scholarship Coordinator handles scholarship paperwork and serves as a resource for parents. The Scholarship Coordinator also maintains compliance with the district of residence. She works with the IEP team to ensure that annual reviews are conducted on time and may represent the Finneytown Local School District at annual review meetings.

Special Education Services / Accommodation Plans

The special education staff at St. Xavier High School supports the students and general educators with a variety of services.

Our staff and intervention specialists are highly trained in meeting the needs of students’ special education needs. We consult with you to make the most beneficial changes that will produce maximum results in learning. Accommodations are strategies to enable the student to participate in the regular education classroom as independently as possible. Accommodations do not change the breadth and objectives for learning, merely how the student will take in the information or the response.

The following is a partial list of possible accommodations:

  • extended time (50% extra) on classroom tests, quizzes, and exams.
  • four function calculator
  • breaks as needed for medical reasons
  • audio books
  • tests read outloud
  • use of technology for written assignments
  • preferential seating

Intervention Specialists

Intervention specialist(s) work with all students in grades 9-12. We have developed an Educational Support Program(ESP) through which we support your son’s needs. Services may be provided in the general classroom or in a resource room outside of the classroom. This typically addresses the need for a quiet environment for your son to study.

Speech and Language

Our licensed and highly trained speech/language pathologist provides therapy in the classroom both in small groups and individually. Research-based therapy techniques are used and data is collected to monitor student progress. Areas addressed in therapy includethose goals outlined on your son’s IEP. The speech/language pathologist will work collaboratively with all teachers and parents to develop and implement strategies that will benefit the student.

School Psychologist

The school psychologist provides mental health services that address needs at school to help students succeed academically, emotionally, and socially. They are specially trained to link mental health to learning and behavior.

Cost of Services Funding Special Education Services

St. Xavier High School is a provider of services for both the Jon Peterson and AutismScholarship Programs which is offered by the state of Ohio. All special education students who have been offered an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) by their local school district may apply for a Peterson or AutismScholarship and use those funds to pay for services at the provider of their choice.

It is the policy of St. Xavier that students participating in these scholarships allocate the amount of money charged for services to St. Xavier High School in order to cover the cost of services. In the event that the cost of services exceeds the amount of the scholarship, St. Xavier High School will make every effort to secure supplementary funds to cover the balance. Scholarship amounts are determined by the special education identification of the student as determined by the most recent ETR (Evaluation Team Report). Parents are responsible for costs of services not identified in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

The total for special education students will be the general tuition, plus the Inclusive Classroom Environment Fee plus hourly billing for the cost of special education services. Jon Peterson andAutismmoney does not pay down the tuition. There is financial aid available through St. Xavier to help families with the cost of tuition.

Addtional Questions / Contact Information

If you have specific questions, please contact Mrs. Michelle Yauss (Intervention Specialist) at or 513.761.7815 x309.

Questions regarding the Peterson procedures, should be directed to the Ohio Department of Education

Questions regarding the Autism Scholarship Program should be directed to the Ohio Department of Education 614.466.2650, or emailed to

Intervention Services Staff

Patrick Albrinck

English Teacher, Intervention Specialist

Verna Donovan

Speech and Language Pathologist

Tami McKinney

Intervention Specialist

Michelle Yauss

Director of Intervention Services, SSD Coordinator