Welcome to the world of academics at St. Xavier.

Since 1560, teachers in Jesuit schools have guided students to learn the most important knowledge and skills so that they would be well-prepared for college. Since 1831, St. Xavier teachers have assisted students to hone essential skills such as public speaking, reading, writing, experimenting, calculating, speaking another language, and performing in the arts. Yet these classical studies take place with modern flair: digital language labs, SmartBoards, innovative courses in bioethics and health careers, courses linked to real life through weekly experiences of service in the community, talks by remarkable guests, extraordinary access to digital resources, 20+ Advanced Placement courses, wireless connectivity for students, flexible credit options, and on-line courses through the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy.

Other very good college prep schools offer as much. What makes academics at St. Xavier distinctive?

  • By training students to look at the world through the Jesuit lens of "God is in all things," teachers inspire them to see the world as sacramental; to experience study as holy.
  • Talented students push talented classmates to achieve. It's a smart and caring brotherhood.
  • Students grow in responsibility and independence as learners because the school gives them significant freedom, yet holds them accountable.

Every day, students and faculty members walk past the statue of St. Francis Xavier, who holds high the cross. He was a well-educated man who continued to learn as he traveled far, appreciated different cultures, read and wrote much, and mastered new languages. He serves as inspiration and guidance in our everyday, which we strive to make extraordinary.

On behalf of our tremendous and caring faculty, I welcome you to the world of academics at St. Xavier High School.

Principal Dan Lynch

Reading in Class