The Ignatian Summit is a one-week period of time in which the school community will engage in a common topic. This year’s topic is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Pedro Arupe’s speech, “Men for Others.” The Summit is an opportunity for students to explore a current issue as it relates to human dignity through speakers and presentations, discussions and dialogue, exhibits and displays, and through curricular connections made in the classroom.

On Monday, Fr. Tim Kesicki SJ, former President of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States and now the current Chair of the Descendants Truth & Reconciliation Trust, spoke to the school about the importance of the "Men For Other" speech.  Listen to it here.

On Tuesday,  faculty and staff members held open roundtable discussions with students.

Wednesday was our Summit Day.  Three guest speakers shared open discussions with our students. Many thanks to Kyle Chandler, Margaux Roberts, Tanner Yess, and Vincent DeGeorge for your impactful words!  Our Faculty and Staff also met and discussed the importance of the "Men for Others" speech as it relates to their lives and work at St. X.

Friday we wrapped up the Ignatian Summit Week with a closing service. We were able to pray, sing, and reflect on God’s word as we’ve asked God to show us where we’re being moved and called to go from here as men and women for and with others.

Day 1 Summit
Summit Day 2
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