3 students stand next to their table display

Once again, St. X Students did a remarkable job showcasing the diversity of cultures and countries from around the world utilizing a variety of displays and digital technology to provide insight and education on foods, cultures, conditions and so much more. While the pandemic would not allow the traditional food sampling to occur at each display, the decision to provide food trucks more than made up for it with three restaurants providing a variety of award-winning cuisines! Best Thing Smokin’, S.E.A. Foodtruck and Red Sesame complimented the Taste of Diversity superbly!


Parents Across Cultures also unveiled its new logo; the more modern design reaffirms PAC's mission to enhance the culture of diversity and unity within the St. Xavier community, and to help develop international citizens growing up in a diverse world. The global image embodies PAC's commitment to equity and inclusion for all and the ribbon encircling the globe emphasizes the power of connection and unity.


We invite you to attend our events, volunteer, and encourage your sons to join us on this journey of creating diversity and unity within and beyond St. Xavier. There are multiple points of contact for you. Look for us in the Principal's Weekly and feel free to contact Jaleria Burt, our St. Xavier Diversity Coordinator at jburt@stxavier.org. You can also find us on the homepage of the St. Xavier website under Diversity. 


2 students talk to a teacher about their presentation table

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