Two students hold a sign and ping pong paddles

April 29th, the Fe y Alegría Club Peru hosted a ping-pong tournament as a fundraiser for a particular school of Fe y Alegría named Fe y Alegría 44 “San Ignacio de Loyola,” which is located in Andes Mountains in the small town of Andahuaylillas, Peru, about an hour's drive from Cusco. In short, Fe y Alegría is a work of the Jesuits and is a private non-profit organization with over six decades of experience providing quality, inclusive popular education to the most vulnerable communities. Fe y Alegría is located in twenty-two countries across three continents, and was first started by the Jesuit priest José Maria Vélaz on the outskirts of Caracas, Venezuela, in 1955 and has grown to provide education programs to over 1.5 million individuals. One of the popular phrases used in the Fe y Alegría network is "Where the pavement ends, Fe y Alegría begins."

The tournament's first-place winner was Andrew E, while Justin B, who won second place. The profit is being sent to Fe y Alegría 44 in Andahuaylillas, which is where Conan Rainwater, S.J. will be missioned to for two years after finishing this academic year at St. Xavier. This is the first year Fe y Alegría Club Peru began at St. X, and it hopes to continue deepening its relationship. One way this has been done is that Mrs. Luehrmann's AP Spanish class has partnered up with elementary students at Fe y Alegría 44 for virtual tutoring.

For more information about Fe y Alegría Peru, look at this link.  

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