Campus diagram marking tree placement

As a tribute to the Class of 2020, 20 trees were planted on campus to mark the students’ graduation during a difficult year. Like the diverse group of young men who make up the Class of 2020, a variety of native trees were chosen that will each provide unique habitat and food sources to local species.  Also like the Class of 2020, these trees are known to be resilient and stress tolerant. These are also trees that are projected to do well as our local climate changes.

Students from the Environmental Action Club will be providing additional care for these trees, including extra water, to help maximize their growth and chances of success. Thank you to faculty members Matt Kemper and Meg Shaughnessy for leading this campaign to bring the following trees to campus:

American Sycamore, Flowering Dogwood, Tulip Tree, Black Gum, Red Maple, Bald Cypress, Northern Red Oak, Bur Oak, Eastern Red Cedar and Eastern Redbud.

The trees line the campus along North Bend road and along the driveway that accesses the student/gym parking lot.

2020 Trees

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