students on stage

Theatre Xavier returned to live performances to live audiences with their interpretation of the musical, 1776. The dramatic re-telling of the drafting and passing of the Declaration of Independence was performed with a collaboration of over 60 students. Students developed the wardrobe, lighting, staging, props, and more, with the mentorship of professional volunteers. Held at the end of April 2021 in the Walter C. Deye Performance Center, the students demonstrated their wish for diversity within the modern political process through the colorful and varied wardrobe choices for the characters. Theatre Xavier students were asked to share their thoughts about the process, one student anonymously said, “I am thankful for everyone that has helped me grow through the program into becoming the young man I am today. I truly feel like I found myself in TX and I look forward to carrying the lessons I learned here through my future endeavors”

student actors on stage

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