Sam holds plant

Students helped plant a pollinator garden on June 29 as part of the "Let's Grow X" initiative. This effort is an environmental undertaking involving students managing the campus woods (invasive species removal, trail maintenance, forest ecology education) and students working with local beekeeper Brandon Reynolds '10 and Casey of Sustainable Sights to create a pollinator garden, learn about beekeeping, and care for two honeybee colonies on campus.

Thank you also to green landscaper Casey Sumner of Sustainable Sights Landscaping who assisted in the effort to provide native plants that supplies pollinators with food, while treating the St. X community to seasonal beauty. Thank you to Curtis Chase of Chloe's Eatery for the farm-to-table lunch for the students. Thank you to St. X instructor, Meg Shaughnessy for the on-campus leadership.

Sam Warren ‘23 enjoyed the experience and learned of it through his membership in the Environmental Action Club.

"I joined the Environmental Action Club hoping to have an impact on the St. X community and beyond. Through Environmental Action Club, I have been able to participate in various green initiatives around St. X. I have personally been able to work with a local company to try to help St. X run on renewable energy. We have also worked with the Civic Garden Center to plant native trees and plants here on campus. I hope to make an impact on the community and help people fall in love with nature which was truly why I got involved in the pollinator project. By leaving something educational, sustainable, and beautiful here on campus for future generations of St. X students to enjoy, I feel like I am being a man for others. While we were planting the project, many members of the surrounding community stopped to ask us what we were doing. By educating people beyond our St. X community about sustainable living, we know we can truly be men for others by making a greater impact on the world."


Photo by Phil Heidenreich


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