Graphic why St. Xavier got bees

The Bomber Bees have arrived! Two honeybee colonies have been set up on campus, with the help of Brandon Reynolds and Bill Schlater. Please see the map below for the hive location and the pollinator habitat they will be visiting.  Starting this summer beekeeper Brandon Reynolds '10 will be teaching St. X Environmental Action Club members how to care for the hives.

These honeybees (Apis mellifera) are gentle foragers that do not sting unless provoked--unlike predatory wasps and hornets. Please keep your distance from the hive boxes and avoid swatting at the bees. Other schools that host bees have not experienced an increased rate of bee stings among the school community.

These honeybees will provide many valuable services, including pollinating local plants, educating students about social insects, and hopefully delicious honey!  Please BEE KIND to our newest community members, and you can learn more by viewing the infographic below--designed by David Becker '22.  

Thank you to science teacher, Meg Shaughnessy for this initiative!

Map of school with bee hive location indicated.

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