Latin Display

This weekend, 13 delegates from St. X’s Latin Club visited Columbus for the annual convention of the Ohio Junior Classical League.  Today they return to school covered in glory!  Congratulations to:

  • FRESHMEN:  Christopher Farinu (5 ribbons), Gavin Gilreath (3 ribbons), Dominic Walters (5 ribbons) and Kyle Zimmerman (2 ribbons)
  • SOPHOMORES:  Luke Faircloth (7 ribbons), Nathan Johannesmeyer (2 ribbons), Colin Mackey (10 ribbons), Noah Mizeres (2 ribbons), Charlie Moser (3 ribbons), David Musolino (10 ribbons) and Tyler Zevallos (8 ribbons)
  • SENIOR:  Nicholas Stanis (7 ribbons)

Additionally, sophomore Charlie Moser was elected OJCL Parliamentarian, and senior Patrick Biernat was elected OSCL Historian!

Latin competition
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