The St. Xavier Advantage

What is the St. Xavier Advantage? We asked students, parents and alumni and what you see below is what gives the students of St. Xavier High School an advantage for the rest of their lives.

Men for Others

From simple acts like opening doors for each other, to the more than 80% of our students who participate in voluntary community service each year, giving to others is central to our identity as a school. When we asked parents, alumni and students what single phrase best expressed the essence of St Xavier, the vast majority answered, "Men for Others." Long after they graduate, a great number of our alumni are involved in non-profits as staff members or volunteers.

Pride In Becoming Smart

There is an intellectual buzz in the building as fully half of our students scored in the 90th percentile and above on the entrance exam. Excelling academically is not merely accepted, but truly celebrated among our students. Students work hard and take pride in their learning as they prepare to thrive in college and beyond as life-long learners.

Be You & Belong

Anything done in an excellent manner wins the admiration of friends and classmates. Whether he is an athlete, a musician or an actor (or all three), St. Xavier offers each student a wide variety of opportunities to develop his God-given talents, feel accepted and respected for their choices. You don't have to change who you are to fit in. Because of the size and diversity of St. Xavier High School, Bombers always find friends with similar interests.

The Long Blue Line

St Xavier alumni are often found at the highest levels of business, the professions and public service in Cincinnati and beyond. Hiring managers appreciate our graduates for their ethical values and critical thinking skills. These personal bonds of brotherhood are formed among classmates, and stretch across generations to last throughout life.

The Examined Life

Monks withdraw from the world to find God in the desert, while Jesuits moved into the big cities to seek God in the busyness of life. Through the examen and other Jesuit prayer techniques, we teach our students to discover God’s presence and action in the midst of their busy lives, to develop a personal friendship with God as St. Ignatius proposes in his Spiritual Exercises. What better spiritual preparation for the busy lives our students will likely lead in the future, than to develop the ability to live connected to God in this way!

Cura Personalis (Care for the whole person)

Our faculty knows that they don't just teach Spanish or English or Science. They teach our students, each one individually. Stop by the Math office at any hour of the day and you'll find teachers helping students through some difficulty they are having. Observe a swimming practice and you'll see coaches teaching life-lessons as each swimmer competes against himself, trying to achieve a personal best. Custodians have made the difference in a young man's life when he needed an adult “just to talk.” St. Xavier High School develops each student’s mind, heart and soul.