Strategic Plan

Steering Committee

  • Tim Schroeder – co-chair
  • Bill Mulvihill – co-chair
  • David Cassady
  • Terrence Tyrrell
  • Tim Mooney
  • Ralph Nardini
  • Rod Hinton
  • Steve Bradley
  • Kim McLaughlin

Steering Planning Teams

Group One – Formation And Catholic/Jesuit Faith

Dick Haglage – co-chair, Dan Minelli – co-chair, Bill Verbryke, S.J. , Pat Robertson, Jill Thurman, Glen Chun, S.J., Dave Eby and Stephanie Besl

Group Two – Education And Faculty

Ann Berger – co-chair, Steve Bradley – co-chair, Ed Pigott, S.J., Kim McLaughlin, Dave Mueller, Mike Graham, S.J., Mike Stenger and Mary Thacker

Group Three - Buildings, Grounds, And IT

Chris Zimmerman – co-chair, Henry Ahrens– co-chair, Mike Schuster, Beth Basil, Richard Hirté, Tom Mills, Dan Hogan, Mike Haskins and Mauricio Gallegos

Group Four – Finance And Advancement

Tony Schad – co-chair, Tom Gill - co-chair, Tim Mooney, David Cassady, Rosemary Schuermann, Ralph Nardini, Joe Conway and Bob Rinaldi

Group Five – Marketing And Enrollment

Rob Davis – co-chair, Mike Dehring – co-chair, Karl Thomsen, Rod Hinton, Bob Hill, John Cole and Amy Russert

Ex-officio on all committees: Mike McGraw

** Special thanks to Bob Stautberg and Rod Hinton. 

Mission and Vision

Mission: To assist young men in their formation as leaders and men for others through rigorous college preparation in the Jesuit tradition.

Vision: At St. Xavier High School, a Catholic school in the Jesuit tradition, we are committed to being the rigorous college preparatory school in greater Cincinnati where exceptional boys from diverse backgrounds transform into academically accomplished men for others who are prepared to discern and successfully carry out God's plan for their lives and to serve as leaders in our rapidly changing world.

Fundamental Aspirations
Establish a learning-centered culture, deepen relationships, grow in faith, attract the best students from diverse backgrounds, communicate the brand and obtain new resources to achieve the Mission and the strategic Vision.

Goal 1: Learning-Centered

Establish a learning-centered culture that serves all of our students.

  • Move from a teaching-centered culture to a learning-centered culture that recognizes students as active learners engaged in critical thinking, problem solving, communication, innovation, and growth in multicultural competence.
  • Increase student improvement over time on standardized test scores and on school-wide and classroom-level measurements of achievement in the concepts and skills most critical for college preparation.
  • Develop additional programs and strategies for gifted students to extend learning gains within this group.

Goal 2: Foster Relationships

Deepen relationships between students and educators, among students--especially between underclassmen and upperclassman mentors--and among different ethnic groups on campus. By this means, improve student growth in all areas of the Graduate at Graduation.

  • See that each student experiences true cura personalis from at least one educator as role model, advocate and guide towards the ideals of the Graduate at Graduation and development of individual leadership potential.
  • Foster strong personal relationships among students from diverse backgrounds and cultivate multi-cultural competence.
  • Deepen relationships among students by developing new initiatives for existing homeroom and mentoring programs.

Goal 3: Grow In Faith

Foster greater growth in faith and relationship with God throughout the St. Xavier High School community. Broaden and deepen opportunities for spiritual growth, for community service, and for understanding Ignatian Spirituality as rooted in the Spiritual Exercises.

  • Develop new programs and assess and modify existing activities to help St. Xavier students develop a healthy, growing relationship with God.
  • Strengthen and expand current programs that instill Ignatian spirituality in the students at St. Xavier High School.
  • Expand and promote multiple opportunities for faculty, staff, administrators, parents, board members and alumni to complete the Spiritual Exercises and participate in other Ignatian Spirituality programs.
  • Promote and develop St. Xavier High School's relationship with the larger Church as a servant of the larger apostolic mission.

Goal 4: Students - Brightest / Diverse

Attract, develop and retain the best and brightest students from diverse backgrounds who have the desire to be formed in a rigorous, Ignatian educational experience.

  • Purposefully recruit and enroll the most academically accomplished candidates.
  • Promote greater socio-economic and geographic diversity by developing and successfully implementing policies and targeted marketing plans directed to these audiences.
  • Position St. Xavier as a destination school for multi-cultural and international families and all those interested in interacting with people from diverse backgrounds.

Goal 5: Brand

Develop and communicate the St. Xavier High School brand that includes its promise, positioning, character and attributes.

  • Communicate the St. Xavier brand identity to all stakeholders, including prospective students and their parents.

Goal 6: New Resources

Acquire and sustain the appropriate physical and financial resources needed to effectively carry forward the Mission and achieve the Vision of St. Xavier High School.

  • Develop a campus master plan which would repurpose existing space and provide the IT infrastructure necessary to support the learning-centered approach on a landmark campus.
  • Embark on a comprehensive campaign to support our Mission and the strategic initiatives outlined in this plan.