Graduate at Graduation

To guide every facet of curriculum development at St. Xavier, the faculty has produced this summary statement of the characteristics that the graduate will have acquired during his time at the school. Every course and every activity must work together toward fashioning a graduate with these characteristics. When St. Xavier is successful in its educational mission, therefore, its graduating student will have certain definite qualities. Such a graduate will be:

Required Conferences Regarding The Graduate At Graduation

We at St. Xavier High School are committed to our Mission, "To assist young men in their formation as leaders and men for and with others through rigorous college preparation in the Jesuit tradition" and to its application in the characteristics of the Graduate at Graduation, Open to Growth, Intellectually Competent, Loving, Religious, Committed to Doing Justice. For these reasons we require that students and parents participate in a three-tiered developmental process for forming and evaluating the student's progress in light of this Mission and these characteristics.

The Required Conferences are:

  • Freshman Family Conference after acceptance and prior to entering St. Xavier (Spring: students and parents attend)
  • Junior Family Conference upon the completion of sophomore year (Summer: students and parents attend)
  • Senior Exit Interview in May of senior year (students participate)

Attendance at each of these conferences is mandatory. The school and the facilitators will make every attempt to schedule these in a timely and manageable way for you and your son. If a student or his parents fail to make good-faith efforts to schedule and attend these conferences, the student will be excluded from school and from all co-curriculars until the conference has been held.