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Facility Dog for Therapy

Jason Ahlers

Assistant Principal for Student Services

Henry Ahrens

Class of 1987
English Teacher

David Albert

Class of 2008
Assistant Director of Enrollment and Retention, Swimming and Diving Head Coach

David Allspach

Class of 1994
Chemistry Teacher

Barry Andrade


Alexander Antonelli

Math Teacher, Voice Mail 590

Elizabeth Armor

English Teacher

Tim Banker

Class of 1995
Social Studies Teacher, Director of Student Activities, Student Council Moderator

Terry Baum

Alumni Chaplain

Timothy Beerman

Campus Ministry, Swimming Head Coach

Michael Bellamah

Class of 1991
Health, Phys Ed Teacher, Football Coach, Intramural Sports Moderator, Tennis Coach

George Beluan

Class of 1991
Math Teacher, Voice Mail 361

Rajan Berkuchel

English Teacher

Rosie Bernard

Administrative Assistant to the Jesuit Community, Switchboard Operator

Jody Besse

Director of Bands, Music Teacher